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The Cutest Pop-Up In Natural History — We Found It!

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    And, it was all the way in Toronto. That's like 500 miles from our offices! Boo. Whelp, even if we missed the opening of the BRIKA pop-up shop displaying its totally delicious accessories and handcrafted home goods in the Hudson's Bay department store, our friends from the North, The Coveteur, were able to stop by and take it all in.

    Matter of fact, they whipped out their cameras, decorated the space with some high-end fashion items, found in "The Room," and had themselves a little photo shoot. Being Canadian (and, therefore, nice), they hooked us up with the results, which you can check out for yourself in the slideshow.

    But, the trademark Canadian friendliness does not stop there. BRIKA, Refinery29, and The Coveteur are offering you the chance to snap up some of the housewares and jewelry you see in this slideshow for free. Just put your info into any of the little boxes below or throughout the gallery, and you'll be entered to win $500 in BRIKA credit! Oh, and if you do happen to be reading this from Hogtown, do stop by the Hudson's Bay department store soon. This candidate for the cutest pop-up shop ever is only open throughout the holidays!

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