Essential Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Tips From 5 Beauty-Editor Brides

It there's one occasion where you want to pay extra attention to beauty dos, it's your wedding. And who better to dispense sage bridal beauty advice than the industry pros who've already walked down the aisle themselves?
You might already know to bring oil blotting sheets or use false lashes (more waterproof than any mascara!), but these five savvy editors and bloggers take it to the next level with their own personal tips and picks. These are the secrets that kept them looking insanely gorgeous throughout their big days — and now you can steal them for yourself.
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Lauren Sherman, executive digital editor at Lucky

"I wanted to look like myself, but better, so I had a friend of mine who is obsessed with beauty do my makeup. I wore all my usual colors, but added more layers, as well as eye makeup, which is something I only wear occasionally. I trusted my friend, which is super important. The reason it worked so well, though, is because she knew what I like. My makeup looked totally professional without costing a fortune."

Lauren's Pick: Nars Orgasm Blush and Dolce Vita Lipstick

Photo: Courtesy of Karen Kristian Photography
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Anne Fritz Linval, blogger at The Jet Set Girls

"I got a blowout on a Thursday for my wedding on a Saturday. The advantages were that it looked perfect for my rehearsal dinner on Friday, and I much prefer a second day blowout to a first. Then, on Saturday, my hair had enough texture to hold my style. It helped that I know my hair and my wedding-day stylist knew my hair really well, too. I wore it down, curled, and teased."

Anne's Pick: Bumble and bumble Hair Powder in Blondish

Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Kletecka
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Hitha Palepu, blogger at Hitha On The Go

"Turmeric is a mainstay in Indian culture — not just as a spice for food, but as a beauty product too. One of the pre-wedding ceremonies was the haldi — where married women place turmeric paste on the bride to give her glowing skin for her wedding. I took this ceremony one step further — when I woke up on my wedding day, I had a major pimple on my cheek so I mixed a quick paste of the turmeric and witch hazel, then applied it to the blemish and removed it 10 minutes later. The pimple went from being Rudolph's nose's second cousin to a small spot easily covered by a light diffusing concealer."

Hitha's Pick: A premium quality spice and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriel Gastelum
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Leah Wyar Romito, beauty director at Cosmopolitan

"The week of my wedding, I did a three-day cleanse — not to lose weight, but to make my skin look great. Those juices are great at flushing your system of sugar and sodium, so you don't look puffy or dull. I was so happy with the visible results. Obviously, you don't need to do a juice cleanse, but you should commit to eating clean the week of your wedding, to have incredible skin."

Leah's Pick: BluePrint Cleanse

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Kaitlyn Dreyling, freelance beauty editor

"On my wedding day, I wanted to smell pretty and delicate, but didn’t want to overpower with perfume. So, I opted for a fragrant body wash and body lotion instead. Plus, I feel that a scented lotion has a longer lasting scent than a spritz of perfume, and your whole body gives off the beautiful fragrance."

Kaitlyn's Pick: Jurlique Rose Shower Gel and Body Care Lotion

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