The Mix Master: DJ Brendan Fallis Spins Music, Careers, And Clothes

Multi-tasking is an inescapable (and exhausting!) fact of modern life. If you’ve ever given in to the temptation of yoga pants on a busy day, then you know that professional juggling acts can take their toll on personal style. But DJ-slash-entrepreneur (slash-startup founder!) Brendan Fallis refuses to let his three-job hustle get in the way of looking amazing (bless his heart).
Obsessed with Brendan's sporty-chic style, we paired his slouchy-cool tees and classic skinnies with killer statement coats from Kenneth Cole Collection's fall line, for a shot at seeing our dance-floor crush rock a more polished look. And just look at the effortless, day-to-night ensembles we got out of this on-the-go Gothamite. A bit flustered, we asked him for some style pointers and his advice on how to make a name for yourself in New York City. Read on!
Kenneth Cole Collection Calf-Hair Bomber Jacket, $950, available at Kenneth Cole.
Styled by Christina Turner; Hair by Bethany Brill; Makeup by Erin Green.
So, give us the short version of what you do.
"I’m an entrepreneur and DJ for rapper Theophilus London, so I tour with him and play a ton of fashion parties when I’m home in NYC. I also co-founded a shopping site called NMRKT, which is about to launch, and my coconut water brand Waiola launched in July."
That’s a lot of unconventional gigs! Have you ever had an office job?
I used to work for Launch Collective, a creative business consulting firm. It taught me that the most important thing to making a start-up successful is a good work environment and good people."

Did you always want to DJ?

"I never even expected to live in New York, much less travel the world as a DJ! If anyone had told me this would be my path, I’d have laughed and told them maybe in another lifetime. My friend Doug taught me the basics three years ago, just enough to get started. No one taught me the business side of things, but you pick it up along the way. Just get started — experience and time will educate you."
Kenneth Cole Collection Calf-Hair Bomber Jacket, $950, available at Kenneth Cole
When did you realize you were good at DJing?
"When I looked at my schedule and saw that I was booked seven nights a week for months on end! Suddenly, it felt real."
Any advice for how to make it in New York?
"You can get lost if you don’t get out there and meet people. When I moved here, I went out six nights a week and gave out one business card a night to someone I’d talked with, with the end goal of knowing 200 people by the end of the year. That allowed me to make some great relationships and helped me get to where I am today."
Who inspires your work ethic?
"Theophilus London is incredible! He puts the same energy into playing a show for 40 people as he would for 20,000 people. Seeing someone put that level of effort into everything they do is mind blowing."
Kenneth Cole Collection Car Coat with Sweater Trim, $450, available at Kenneth Cole
What’s an average workday like for you?
"Home, computer, juice bar, iPhone, meetings, dinner, DJ gigs, and drinking a lot of Waiola during all of it — that about sums it up!"
What are your professional and creative mantras?
"Professional: Always be on time! Creative: Every thought is worth exploring — there’s nothing you can’t do."
Hands down, what’s the best career advice you’ve ever gotten?
"Be polite to everyone, don’t sweat the small stuff, and be positive — it’s contagious!"
What is your long-term goal?
"To continue to be happy with everything I’m doing and achieving. Success is a frame of mind. It's the age-old advice your dad told you growing up, but hard work really does pay off!"
Kenneth Cole Collection Car Coat with Sweater Trim, $450, available at Kenneth Cole
Styled by Christina Turner; Hair by Bethany Brill; Makeup by Erin Green.

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