How To Rock Fall’s Boxy Jacket


Photographed by Mark Iantosca.

The boxy jacket is one trend that doesn’t need to be toned down for work. In fact, the conservative-chic cut means you can afford to amp up the rest of your outfit — may we recommend a little sheer chiffon and downright sexy sandals?


Leather, shearling, vinyl, and tweed, oh my! This could be texture overload, but the subdued palette makes it just plain chic.


Kenzo’s oversized bomber makes the perfect add-on to the weekend go-to outfit you’ve been rocking since September. Just add wooly tights and you should be able to deny winter for another four weeks, easy.


A bracelet-length, brocade jacket is the perfect coda to this beyond-feminine look: very ‘60s-soignée.

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Illustrated by Katelyn Kappel.

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