9 Affordable Boxed Wines That Will Save Your Holidays

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Boxed wines have two major pluses in their favor: Their packaging is more environmentally friendly than traditional bottles, and they can easily travel with you anywhere. The big negative? Historically, boxed wine hasn't exactly been known for its quality. It's high time we slipped out of the chains of wine snobbery, however, because there are a slew of new boxed wines that are anything but lame. In fact, they're pretty great — if you know what you're looking for.

Which is where Jessica Altieri, the author of Kiss My Glass: Jess Altieri's 'NO-BS' Wine Buying Guide, comes in. Ahead, she gives us some of the very best options on the market, making it so much easier for you to win holiday party season without breaking the bank.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bota Box.
Bota Box — $15 for 3L

Bota Box, which also comes as Bota Minis, is great-tasting — and wonderful if you're short on space. This tiny container holds three glasses, and the 3L box holds approximately four bottles (but takes up the space of one).
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Photo: Courtesy of Bandit.
Bandit — $9 for 1L

This eco-friendly wine comes in tetra-pack containers made of renewable resources. It doesn't skimp on quality, though; Bandit Chardonnay has won gold medals at the San Francisco Wine Competition for the past two years.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
Target Wine Cube — $17 for 1L

All Target Wine Cubes are not made the same; your best bet is the Sauvignon Blanc, a tart white that goes well with white meat.
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Photo: Courtesy of From the Tank.
From The Tank — $30 for 3L

This French wine comes in red, white, and rosé from aged vines. Its paperboard container makes it easily recyclable.
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Photo: Courtesy of Wineberry.
Wineberry — $50 for 3L

The wooden box makes this a more sophisticated choice — one that actually will impress people. Plus, this pick is endorsed by The New York Times and Serious Eats, so your foodie and wine-snob friends and relatives will appreciate it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fuoristrada.
Fuoriostrada — $15 for 1L

Italian wines taste just as good in a paper container. These wines made from organically grown grapes are served in boxes that require "54% less energy, create 80% less greenhouse gases, [and] produce 60% less solid waste volume" than traditional packaging, according to the brand.
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Photo: Courtesy of French Rabbit.
French Rabbit — $10 for 1L

These handy containers travel well to picnics, outdoor adventures, and grandma's house — and they come in various sizes. Get enough for just you or just everyone.
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Photo: Courtesy of Black Box.
Black Box — $25 for 3L

Wine Enthusiast gives Black Box Merlot 90 points and calls it a "best buy." It's won over 50 gold-medal ratings in addition, so despite the plain packaging, this is an excellent bang-for-your-buck wine purchase.
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Photo: Courtesy of En Vrac.
En Vrac — $9 for 750ml

This wine started in Paris, at a store where customers could bring their own bottles or purchase cubes in bulk. Then, the brand made its way to NYC, and the rosé in particular made a big splash this summer. It was even cool enough to be the wine of Pitchfork Festival in Paris. Now that's cred.