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Walk A Mile In This East Village Blogger's Boots

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    People in this city like to gripe about who's a "real" New Yorker and who isn't. If you ask us, all you have to do to genuinely claim the title is hand over your heart to the city, rack up a few neighborhood spots and sights to call your own, and get yourself a decent outfit for strolling the blocks.

    Though she's imported from Texas, Bonnie Barton — the chic social-media maven and the blogger behind Flashes of Style — has a claim on all three of those qualities. Just a quick talk with her reveals her true NYC love, she's made a home for herself in the eternally hip East Village, and, well, just look at her. This born style blogger has sidewalk-stepping looks for days. Matter of fact, we took a little romp with her around her 'hood where she showed us not only how to enjoy a day in her part of town, but what to wear when fall comes 'a callin' (hint: it all starts off with some killer Timberlands boots). Click on to spend time with a real New Yorker. Styled by Jennifer Steele; Hair and Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci.

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