15 promise rings that make lovin' fun. By Christene Barberich & Valery Joseph
Saying "I do" is so last century, at least in the traditional sense. These days, pledging your love doesn't have to be a formal occasion, and certainly doesn't look a darn thing like mom and dad's wedding album. In lieu of all the pomp and flower arrangements, some people just want to make it official, without all the official stuff that goes along with it.
In honor of making love, not tulle, we've rounded up 15 everyday rings just for her that run the gamut of inspired promise-making—and won't break the bank. A fresh switch from the old solitaire, we love Lena Skadegard's raw-cut Herkimer diamond ring (about $1,300), and the sparkling jumble of crystals and bands by Iosselliani ($275) banishes any obstacles over matching wedding and engagement rings. In fact, simple studded bands by Zoe Chicco (from $110) or Annie Fensterstock ($3,980) keep things simple by pouring the promise all into one ring.
So, whether it's Yes, Definitely Maybe, or let's live together for another 12 years, these rings make bonding a beautiful thing.
Above, from left:
Zoe Chicco Mixed Stackable diamond ring, $110 each, available at Zoe Chicco .
Monique Pean Bering ring, $550, available at MoniquePean.
Iosselliani Crystal three-ring set, $275, available at Language.
Above, from left:
Lena Skadegard Herkimer Diamond ring, $1300, available at Kabrir.
Emma-Jane & TanSweety ring, $300, available at Jennifer Kaufman and Kabiri.
Conroy & Wilcox Titan ring, $1,800, available at Matter.
Above, from left:
Karen Karch Invincible ring, $4,500; available Karen Karch.
Ray Griffiths Pear Shaped Citrine ring, $830, available at The Clay Pot.
Sarah Perlis Leaf ring, $1,200, available at The Clay Pot.
Above, from left:
Annie Fensterstock Modified Lynnie ring, $3,980, for more information go to Annie Fensterstock.
Line & Jo "Ms Rosamund ring, $2,250, available at Kabiri.
Maria Francesca Pepe "Lock" ring, $200, available at Kabiri.
Above, from left:
Annette Ferdinandsen Chalcedony Egg ring, $1,484, available at Katy Beh.
Arman Maltese Cross ring, $5,700, available at Fragments.
Becky Kelso Blue Calcite ring, $865, available at Moondance.
15 promise rings that make lovin' fun.

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