These Instagram Transformations Are Not What You'd Expect

Photographed by Ben Ritter.
We often share exercise hacks that can improve performance, help speed up results, and make your workout a little less annoying/painful/boring [insert your problem of choice here]. The truth is, while these things absolutely help, there’s no quick-fix — whether you’re looking to sculpt stronger arms, master your first pull-up, or touch your toes.
Improving your health takes effort, not magic. The reason we keep going back for more is because we love the feeling of accomplishment after doing something we once couldn't — or thought was too tough. Knowing we're doing good for our bodies and minds is a feeling we thrive on. Neither reason makes the workout any easier, but they do make it worth it.
While these changes may happen incrementally, we think that every step should be celebrated. These inspiring Instagram pictures of different types of transformations show just how kick-ass progress is.
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Photo: Via @average2athlete
"Part of the reason that I record my workouts is so that I can track my progress and ensure that I'm always moving forward." — @average2athlete
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Photo: Via @fiyo_steffi
"I'm happy and proud." — @fiyo_steffi
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Photo: Via @yzabelf
"#determination" — @yzabelf
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Photo: Via @prosperkrys
"I take pleasure in my transformations." — @prosperkrys
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Photo: Via @jsaki_bomb5
"Strive for progress not perfection...Still work to put in but happy for how I've come this far." — @jsaki_bomb5
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"In need of some motivation, so I went through pics and came across these babies from 11 months ago. This sport is about self improvement. You vs you." — @brittanynicole_physique
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Photo: Via @grmindyjean
"It's amazing how #yogaeverydamnday really can change a person (in more ways than one)!" — @grmindyjean
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Photo: Via @0403natalie
"Any progress is better than none!" — @0403natalie
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Photo: Via @xx_emma_louise_x
"#believeinyourself" — @xx_emma_louise_x