Blurred Makeup Is The New Instagram Filter

Many of us are fond of the fabulous effects of photo filters: One click, and suddenly you're traveling with a personal lighting and makeup crew. This is why selfies sometimes make us long for the same effects in real life. Where's the soft focus and a candle-like lighting scheme when you need it, like in the office or on a date?
Enter a new category of skin care and makeup that is changing the game for those who want app-filtered skin all the time: "blurring" makeup. Skin cream, lip balms, primers, and other beauty essentials — all whose sole purpose is to give you that airbrushed effect of diminishing fine lines and imperfections. They work on all skin tones (yay!), and are the next best thing to having a professional photo-editing crew with you at all times.
Ready to experience some blurred lines without calling Robin Thicke? Right this way....
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Photo: Courtesy of Lancome.
This anti-aging skin perfector instantly smoothes the texture and appearance of your skin while it goes to work on fine lines and imperfections.
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Photo: Courtesy of
Enlarged pores and uneven texture are gone in a nanosecond. Mix it with your moisturizer for an unbelievable glow.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sephora.
This lip balm protects, primes, and erases imperfections on and around the mouth with its genius green tint.
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Photo: Courtesy of L'Oreal Paris USA.
This leaves you with softer, more-perfected skin and SPF 30 to protect the results. Use it alone or under foundation for a flawless face.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics.
This corrects skin-tone imperfections while leaving the visage soft and even. It's perfect for weekends with just a touch of concealer under your eyes.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hourglass Cosmetics.
This powder is how you get that soft-focus effect with the glowing complexion to match, day or night, no matches required.
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Photo: Courtesy of Garnier.
The radiant glow from underneath your perfected complexion has to be seen to be believed — this miracle worker imparts pure radiance.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sephora.
If you want an airbrushed look for a big event, this foundation is the ticket to getting that flawless finish.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dermstore.
Enlarged pores are no longer an issue with this oil-free definer that helps lessen their appearance in a flash.
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Photo: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics.
A favorite of makeup artists everywhere, this silky lotion has special-effect silicones that essentially erase redness underneath tinted moisturizer, foundation, or powder.