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14 Finds In The Color To Wear On Your Next Job Interview

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    It’s a question we’ve all stopped to ask ourselves, most likely on more than one occasion: “What should I wear on my super-important job interview?” Extensive googling has been done, blogs have been browsed (and maybe an Instagram or two has been stalked) in hopes of finding some inspiration for the perfect outfit. An outfit that says, “I’m professional and qualified for this job, am a positive team player, and I also happen to have really good taste. You should totally hire me.”

    Well, look no further, because the Internet has unlocked the secret to help you seal the deal — and the key is the color blue. According to a study by CareerBuilder, it seems that blue is the hue people subconsciously associate with leadership and teamwork. Whether or not you're buying it, you can't dispute the notion that blue is pleasing to the eye, and there's always the added confidence of going with a safe, soothing color people like. So, gather up your résumé, think of some good responses to those inevitable tricky questions, and incorporate some blue into your ensemble on the big day. We promise, we won’t even ask for 10% if you end up getting the gig.

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