How To Steal Blondie's Iconic Beauty Look

“She’s the face of all faces... She’s a makeup artist’s dream,” says Miss Guy, who is behind over 25 years of Debbie Harry’s convention-defying beauty looks. Even though their first encounter was anything but smooth — Miss Guy was late, due to a mix of bad luck and weather, and ran blocks in the snow with his makeup bag — the performer instantly took a liking to him. The rest, as they say, is seriously well-documented history. 

Of course, painting the face of Blondie hasn’t always been the easiest job in the world. “I definitely have a vision for her when I do her makeup, and I like to get my way,” he laughs. For him, Harry is “most Debbie” with “a dark smoky eye and a pale lip...she comes alive when she has that classic look. There’s this personality that comes out.”

Harry has played a huge part in creating that look. The rocker did her own makeup as she rose to stardom, playing at CBGB and Max’s Kansas City in the '70s, when punk was emerging and Blondie was becoming a cultural — and sartorial — institution. “Even on the road, she really likes to [do it herself]. She finds it relaxing, and it puts her in the zone,” he says. 

In honor of Blondie's 40th anniversary (marked by an awesome greatest-hits collection), Miss Guy is spilling some of his best beauty secrets. After all, he's gone from admiring Harry to "[getting] to do her makeup. It’s like striking gold. It’s a surreal pleasure.”

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Photo: Via Sugarpill.
"Debbie loves a purpleish-burgundy eyeshadow, and this really is the perfect color," says Miss Guy. "She's wearing it in her Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve appearance." He instructs: "Dust it on all over your lid with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, and bring it below the outer corner of your eye for a true smolder."
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Photo: Via MAC.
"Teddy is my favorite pencil ever!" he says. "I use this to line Debbie's inner eye when she wants a really dramatic look."
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Photo: Via Yves Saint Laurent.
For an out-of-the-box take on the smoky eye, try an unexpected shade in the waterline. "This is another favorite pencil of mine: I use it almost every time I do her makeup," says Miss Guy. "Since it's green, it really makes her eye color pop."
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Photo: Via L'Oréal.
"This mascara is the best to thicken and lengthen Debbie's lashes, whether she's wearing falsies or going natural," he says.
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Photo: Via Shiseido.
"Debbie has a gorgeous shape to her brows, so I use a combination of Shiseido's pencils in light and deep brown to accentuate them," he says. "Start with the light shade in the beginning, and work the darker color in toward the ends. These days, she likes them a little bit thicker, which is very modern."
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Photo: Via NARS.
"Debbie likes subtle color on the cheek, and this one is her favorite," he says. (Isn't it everyone's?)
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Photo: Via MAC.
"I like a light lip for Debbie, so this pencil adds dimension to her famous, bowed lips," Miss Guy says. "It works well with many different shades of lipstick, too."
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Photo: Via Armour Beauty.
"I combine this shade with Stardust [a gold] to finish the lips," he says.
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