19 Flattering Blazers That Are Way Long On Style

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    Remember the song “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”? Cake was totally on to something. And, we'll have to agree — we say, drop those cropped blazers for a slimming, longline beaut. Want that Olsen-twin, model-off-duty kind of chic? You got it here. Plus, the longline blazer flatters just about any body type, from petite to pear to extra tall. So, now that spring is (very) slowly, but surely, approaching, it’s time to hunt down a light layer that can sharpen your look from day to night.

    And, be it a tailored tuxedo or a pastel floral, this classic can take any form imaginable. Just throw the topper over a graphic tee or silk button-up for an effortlessly put-together look — now you've found your new fave staple in your layering arsenal. So, whether you rock it with a short skirt or mile-long wide-legged pants, any one of these blazers is a sure sartorial hit.

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