20 Common Bikini Gripes — We Solved 'Em

We're anxious for warmer temperatures, yes. But, not everyone shares the enthusiasm for bikini season of, say, Sports Illustrated readers. Most women have some gripe or another about swimwear — and two-pieces can prove especially trying.

Maybe you struggle to find sets that flatter your figure, tops that stay put, or bottoms that don’t ride up. Or, your issue is something more nebulous, like your poolside picks always get major side-eye from Grandma, but you don't want to compromise your style for every family BBQ. Who would? To unpack all those problems and more, we've got 20 bikini issues and their shoppable solutions, right this way. 
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If your bandeau is always rolling and getting twisted up...
Look for styles that offer support, not just a cool fabric or print. H&M's mesh-covered bikini top is fully lined and it also has boning at the sides and removable padding.
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If the color white scares you silly...
Baby steps, friends. For a guaranteed not-see-through look, go for a white bikini in a subtle print. Zimmermann's mini polka dots will distract the eyes, and the ruffles add extra fabric, which means extra assurance.
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If you're not keen on flashing cheek to random beach-goers...
Pair a bikini top with board shorts for maximum coverage on bottom. J.Crew's extensive mix-and-match selection makes pattern-mixing easy, and weird combos, like the one here, impossible not to like.
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If your top just won't stay put...
You're going to want to try styles with more structured shapes and built-in support. Flagpole Swim's trendy, colorblock suit has an internal demi bra and adjustable straps.
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If you feel most confident when your belly button isn't on display...
Take cues from Taylor Swift in high-waisted briefs. The retro shape offers plenty of coverage where you want it most.
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If awkward tan lines aren't your thing...
Stick to classic silhouettes, like the the triangular top and standard-rise bikini brief.
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If you want to swim laps without suffering wardrobe malfunctions...
Employ a more athletic style (think thick straps and full coverage) that's made to go the distance — literally.
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If you're hoping to avoid side-eye from Grandma...
Flirt with retro-feeling prints and designs, like this fella from Topshop. Instead of remarking about your bare midriff, she'll probably be inspired to share a story of the good ol' days.
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If you like extra coverage on the bottom...
Shop skirted options! The loose fabric draping your lower half adds a touch of modesty.
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If you think wedgies are the WORST...
Wedgies are a fact of life, but they can be avoided with the simple purchase of a fuller-coverage bikini bottom. Cheeky styles are fun, but sometimes at a cost.
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If you want to wear your bikini top to the beach, then to drinks afterward...
Scoop a longline bikini top that'll pass for a crop top. Lonely's zipper-front style transcends swim-only scenarios.
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If you want to elongate your torso...
Craft the appearance of a longer midsection with low-rise bottoms. Additioanlly, Lisa Marie Fernandez's strappy top will help keep the focus on the uniqueness of the suit, not your torso.
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If you need more butt support...
We tend to focus on customizing the fit of our bikini tops. But, many people are much more concerned with the backside fit, and a saggy bottom can be just as troublesome as an ill-suited top. Aerie's convertible bottom can be customized to your preferred amount of coverage.
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If beach volleyball is your jam...
Make sure your maillot is fit to play the game. Sporty halter-necks look cool, and they're also way more supportive than a flimsy string bikini.
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If your bikini is always coming untied...
Forgo strings and hooks altogether. Opt for swim pieces you can slip on instead of tying or clasping.
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If you're getting physical at the beach...
Rash guards protect your skin from friction burns that can happen when surfing or scuba diving. It helps that Cynthia Rowley's styles are really cool — and can be paired with matching bikini bottoms.
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If you have trouble finding bikini tops or bottoms that fit your small frame...
Adjustable ties are your swimwear BFF. You can maneuver string bikinis however you like to achieve a snug fit.
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If you'd like to shift people's eyes down a bit...
High-waist cutout bottoms, like Tori Praver's, will focus attention away from your top — and help balance broader shoulders.
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If the girls feel better when they're together...
Then, molded, underwire cups are a solid choice. They'll provide the shape and support you need to feel comfortable poolside or at the beach. The cute print doesn't hurt, either.
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If you're busty...
Underwire tops with adjustable straps put all the control in your hands, and when options come sized in standard bra measurements it's that much easier to choose the one for you. This ASOS style is available up to a 36I.