22 Chic Bikers Zipping In S.F.

The S.F. weather never fails to completely mess up our polished looks, and add a gusty, outdoor commute to the picture, and our morning get-ready routine is pretty much in vain. But, there are those who manage to accomplish the seemingly impossible: look downright cute on a set of wheels.
To learn how it's done, we stalked the bike lanes all around the city (and we mean all around!) to snap the folks who manage to shimmer and shine on their bicycles, all while dressed in stylish garb. These sartorial-savvy commuters are no longer a thing of legend — peep them all right here and get inspired to dress to impress next time you plan to pedal!
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Valencia Street: Burree Cowherd, a branding and creative services intern at McAfee, takes a break to people watch on her Nishiki.
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Ready to hit the bike lane!
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Burree's sweetheart boyfriend brands her seat for her. Looks like true love to us!
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Dolores Park: Emerson Aquino, a freelance wardrobe stylist and dance choreographer, is soaking up some rays at the park.
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Valencia Street: Susie Ho, interior designer at Mend, takes a coffee break at Four Barrel.
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Susie blinds us with her pretty bling!
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22nd Street: Chris Schroeder, director of sales and marketing at Rickshaw Bagworks, chills on his Soma Es bike at the shop.
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Mission Street: Michelle Morrison, curator for Square, strolls into work.
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Valencia Street: Michael Kebbekus, a freelance software engineer, takes a spin in the bike lane.
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Dolores Park: Tina Reith, fashion designer at Georgette Crimson, gives us a sunny smirk!
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Taking a walk on the stylish side!
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South Park: Edwin Zee, digital sales at Ubisoft, is all about safety first!
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Kelli Ryder, associate editor at Rue magazine, is having a giggly good time.
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Colton Street: Rocko Luciano, a dance choreographer, stares off into the distance.
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Eighth Street: Shidume Lozada, photography curator at Airbnb, looks casual-cool on her way to work.
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Text break!
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Valencia Street: Christine Marcelino, product designer at Materials and Processes, hangs with friends at Four Barrel.
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Florida Street: Joe Montana, media and marketing coordinator at Rickshaw Bagworks, pedals away for his morning commute.
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Dolores Park Jonathan Ganey, an architect, does some heavy lifting up the park steps.
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Jon parks for a portrait!
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Levi's Plaza: Mona Zhao, an IT consultant, zips by us!
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Mona Lisa Zhao smile!
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Valencia Street: Travis Gonsalves, a student, hangs with a buddy outside of Zeitgeist.
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Levi's Plaza: Lauren Mizrahi, associate marketing manager at Levi's, smiles bright next to her Public bike.
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Haight Street: Molly Covert, designer for Rabbit Foot Fern, goes for a joy ride.
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We'd pedal away in the those loafers anytime!
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Valencia Street: Matt Kebbekus, director of operations at Little Wisco, stops in at Four Barrel.
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Lock and load!
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Valencia Street: Zack Simkover, sales and business developer for Gengo, hops off his wheels to chat away.
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Looks like he's got a handle on things!
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Valencia Street: Nicole Browner, freelance production coordinator and multimedia director at The Bay Bridged, is dog going, going, gone!
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Ferry Building: Melissa Davies, creator of Bike Pretty, poses in front of the perfect backdrop.
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We're loving the bamboo bike!