Why You Don't Have To Lower Your Style Standards If You're Biking

You feel that? Yep —even though you've railed against it and fought to ignore it, summer is winding down. That brief chill in the mornings and evenings is disturbing after months of happy-making heat. But here's the silver lining you've been looking for: It's finally cool enough to bike around and not sweat like crazy. In other words, you can finally wear what you want if you're taking your wheels out for a spin.

Long dresses? Yes, please — there's nothing more epic-looking than a hemline billowing in the breeze. Some intrepid ladies can even bike in heels without harm. Pretty jewelry, chic suits, and lovely skirts only look more badass atop a bicycle, but please don't forget the most beautiful accessory of all — your head tucked safely inside a buckled helmet. There's nothing more un-chic than a crushed skull. Let these seven mobile women inspire your end-of-summer cycling game.
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A vibrant blazer helps cover the back of your butt, while keeping you warm.
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High heels and an ivory suit? Some women are fearless.
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Flowy shorts and a cut-out back keep things breezy.
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A sweater tied around your waist might mean a spokes disaster. But around your shoulders, it's a cape!
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For long dresses like this, the penny trick is a lifesaver.
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Short shorts, a shrunken moto, and bright-white kicks with socks. It's our new early-fall uniform.
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White pants and greasy chains might sound like a recipe for disaster, but we promise if you bike slowly and leisurely, you can make it work.