Everything On Our Zara Wish List, Now

This post was originally published on August 23, 2016.

As great as summer dressing may be (the skimpy tank tops, breezy dresses, and super-short shorts give us a sense of style freedom that no other season can quite deliver), the first signs of changing seasons (a.k.a. fall clothes) in all of our favorite stores gives us that kid on Christmas morning kind of feeling. In a way, we look forward to autumn not just because of the new beginning it signifies, but because when you can (and need to) wear more clothing, there's that much more opportunity for creative styling and experimentation.

One scan through Zara's pages of endless trends — the statement sleeves, sheer layers, and zipper details, among others — has us just plain excited to start layering back up. With things like a fresh pair of jeans, a new leather jacket, and some reliable (but still "in") booties, it's time to dive head first into what we're calling our pre-autumnal prep. Click on to see what we're eyeing from one of our favorite fast fashion retailers. The items ahead might acutally have you a little excited for summer's end.
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Modern-day Clueless vibes.

Zara Check Jacket, $129, available at Zara; Zara Checked Mini Skirt, $49.90, available at Zara.
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Don't have a hoodie yet? Now's the time to add one to your arsenal.

Zara Short Oversized Sweatshirt, $29.90, available at Zara.
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The layering piece you never knew you needed.

Zara Studio Backless Ribbed Sweater with Side Tie, $99.90, available at Zara.
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Meet the biker skirt, your new wardrobe hero.

Zara Leather Studio Skirt, $149, available at Zara.
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We know a perfect bucket when we see it.

Zara Leather Studio Tote Bag, $159, available at Zara.
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No pants required.

Zara Brioche Stitch Dress, $69.90, available at Zara.
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It's time to refresh your knit game — starting with a sparkly cardigan.

Zara Green Jacket, $59.99, available at Zara.
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There are overalls out there that don't make you look like you've walked straight out of The Breakfast Club.

Zara Cropped Dungarees, $49.90, available at Zara.
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Get ready for beanie season.

Zara Oversized Knit Hat, $12.90, available at Zara.
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A major player in our intentionally-disheveled fall aesthetic.

Zara Boatneck Shirt, $69.90, available at Zara.
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The multicolored faux fur. The metallic leather. Everything about this jacket is calling our names.

Zara Reversible Leather Jacket, $229, available at Zara.
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Meet the "shacket," the shirt-jacket hybrid that's our new favorite fall addition.

Zara Crossover Jacket, $129, available at Zara.
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Your everyday bag deserves an update for the new season.

Zara Single Colour Bucket Bag, $159, available at Zara.
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When two trends (gingham and embroidery) become one, the result is, well, magic.

Zara Embroidered Checkered Top, $49.90, available at Zara.
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All the way up (as in your zipper).

Zara Zipped Dress, $59.90, available at Zara.
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We know puffers are about to be big. If you're not quite sure about the style, ease into the trend with a cropped version.

Zara Short Anorak, $99.90, available at Zara.
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Cleavage not your scene? What about your sides?

Zara Sweater with Side Slits, $25.90, available at Zara.
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A printed scarf makes any outfit look put-together.

Zara Special Limited Edition Scarf, $29.90, available at Zara.
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All of our oversized-sweater dreams are coming true.

Zara Sweater with Detail on Sleeve, $49.90, available at Zara.
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Is this the fall you really embrace the over-the-knee trend?

Zara Flat Over-The-Knee Boots, $79.90, available at Zara.
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That high school marching band uniform was on to something.

Zara Sport Sweater, $25.90, available at Zara.
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It's almost sweater-dress season.

Zara Mini Dress with Snaps, $29.90, available at Zara.
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Those snap-off track pants got a polished makeover.

Zara Trousers with Golden Side Buttons, $99.90, available at Zara.
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We never realized how badly we needed a fire-red sweater, until now.

Zara Ribbed Sweater, $39.90, available at Zara.
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All buckled in for whatever the season throws our way.

Zara Leather Ankle Boots with Buckles, $119, available at Zara.
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This turtleneck is sheer brilliance.

Zara Tulle High Neck Top, $25.90, available at Zara.
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The bigger the circle zip, the better.

Zara Zipped Midi Dress, $69.90, available at Zara.
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Checking this one off our shopping list.

Zara Check Coat, $129, available at Zara.
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So long, LBD — this flared jumpsuit is way more fun.

Zara Lace Jumpsuit, $99.90, available at Zara.
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Here's an oxford that still has a bit of ventilation.

Zara Braided Leather Bluchers, $119, available at Zara.
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A retractable hood? Talk about fashion-meets-function.

Zara Short Anorak with Hidden Hood, $129, available at Zara.
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We can't wait to layer this over every long-sleeved top we own.

Zara Printed Velvet Camisole Top, $39.90, available at Zara.
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Meet the new, two-toned wave of the bucket bag.

Zara Contrast Leather Bucket Bag, $139, available at Zara.

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