The Best Work Bags, According To Your Job

Ask any working woman what her most essential day-to-day accessory is, and we're placing bets that most will say it's their trusty work bag. These are the totes that carry our baggage (ahem, both professional and personal) throughout the eight-hour-plus workday, helping us feel organized and like we have our shit together — even on days when we really don't. Basically, they're the hero items of our everyday wardrobe, and finding the perfect one is not a shopping task that should be taken lightly.

Your bag needs to be sturdy but not too stiff, roomy but not gigantic, on-trend but not too munch of a fad. Plus, it's crucial that this tote works for the type of professional you are — as well as your career level, your budget, and your office environment. Yes, the hunt for the best work bag requires some serious dedication and commitment.

To help you find your carryall soulmate, we pulled together seven varieties of versatile picks that work for different jobs, from the first-time intern to the super-boss CEO. Wherever you're packin', we promise these bags will be just as hard-working as you are.
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The Rockstar Intern
Since you're not yet at a point in your life where you need to be schlepping around a ton of stuff for work, it's totally okay to have fun with a smaller, easy-going (and student-friendly) handbag that can also transition to your weekend go-to. Not only is this suede bucket bag a popular silhouette, but its roomy pouch makes it easy to tote around all your commuting essentials when your boss has you out on errands.
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The Multi-Tasking Assistant
So you're literally "starting from the bottom,"and you'll be there for a while. Don't fret; your bag game can level up with this versatile under-$100 work tote. Best of all, a cross-body strap will undoubtedly be crucial for those rushing-around days when you're grabbing coffee with one hand while fielding an important call with the other.
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The Mid-Level Go-Getter
Now that you've been promoted (yay!), it's time to elevate your look into something more polished. This particular tote is a multi-functional tri-fold: You can carry in-hand, as a clutch, or as a cross-body. The price tag on this day-to-night bag isn't too shabby, either — hey, it's not like you own the place.
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The Creative Corporate
A ladylike bag in a classic bowler shape is a given for a wardrobe that needs to abide by strict HR guidelines. This one's bright buffalo check makes it a bit more playful, personal, and trendsetting — in a way that won't earn you side-eye from your office mates.
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The Free-Spirited Freelancer
That same old 9-to-5 life...who needs it? If you're part of the creative class, you may find that a big-ass backpack will work best for your ever-changing schedule of hopping from client meetings to on-location gigs. This one is large enough for a whole day's worth of running around.
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The Quirky Executive
Congrats on your very important-sounding job title! Now's the time to absolutely start pulling chic power moves, like rocking a wacky tote that people simply can't stop staring at. This muppet-esque, color-blocked number is the kind of statement piece that lets your colleagues know you put the werk in work bag.
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The Newbie Entrepreneur
Since working for other people is overrated, why not embark on your own business journey? Just because most start-ups have scrappy beginnings, doesn't mean your work bag has to look amateur. Go for a sizable tote that is all kinds of shiny and luxe — but low-key enough to still feel modest. After all, if you're putting all your financial eggs in one basket carryall, it might as well be one that can help you effortlessly through your career ups and downs.
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The Power-Suited CEO
You've officially made it to the top, boss woman. And, if you can afford it, we expect you to treat yourself to a super-fancy piece. This perfectly sized croc tote is stunning as both a ladylike bag and cross-body purse (with its removable strap), and lucky for you, it just so happens that a powerful red is the color of your energy.

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