The Perfect Wedding Gift For Every Sign

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Choosing the right wedding gift for your friend can feel like walking on a tightrope. You want to give them something original, but you also want to make sure they'll actually use whatever you end up picking. And, if you're very close with them, you want your gift to speak to who they really are.
Although checking your friend's registry is probably more straightforward, you might get an even better idea of what they want by consulting the stars. Each sign of the Zodiac is known for a few special personality traits, which could certainly apply to their taste in gifts, too.
For example, a no-nonsense Capricorn probably isn't interested in receiving anything with too many bell and whistles. Meanwhile, if your Libra BFF is getting hitched, bring on the trinkets — they love conversation pieces, after all.
Ahead, check out our wedding gift recommendations for every sign of the Zodiac. No doubt their love was written in the stars — but so is their perfect present.
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If nothing else, Rams are young at heart — and tying the knot won't change that one bit. They probably won't expect anything extravagant from you. Instead, make your selection based on what they'd find the most fun.

Give them something that speaks to their inner child but doesn't look straight-up childish. A refined set of tabletop games will fit the bill nicely.
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Taureans present a bit of a gift-giving conundrum: How do you appeal to their Champagne tastes without making it look like you broke the bank? Bulls love shiny things, but as an Earth sign, they also have a sensible side (even if you have to squint to see it).

Give them something that feels, smells, tastes, or looks luxurious but wasn't actually a splurge. You can't go wrong with a vegan throw or art you found for cheap at a vintage store.
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True to their ruling element (air), Geminis are always on the go, whether they're breezing through social groups, careers, or hobbies. Anyone with a Gem friend is used to hearing about the "next big thing" on the regular.

Give them a gift that changes as much as their tastes do, such as a cheese of the month subscription or a gift card for a set of fine wines.
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It may seem like overkill, but homebody Crabs will use their wedding as an opportunity to request even more home goods. Cancers love to feather their nest — and the idea of sharing it with their new spouse will only intensify that desire.

Give them a practical yet pretty piece of kitchenware. These domestic gods and goddesses love to cook, but they also appreciate when everything in their home looks nice.
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Master gift-givers themselves, Leos know when they're receiving something meaningful — and when they're just getting something you picked up at the last minute. Luckily, this boldly honest sign won't mind if you ask them a few questions about their preferences before you hit the stores.

Give them something that no one else has. That may sound like a tall order, but monogrammed linens and custom-made art is pretty easy to come by online.
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Virgos, known for their rather particular tastes, seem nearly impossible to shop for. But you might just need to change your approach. Rather than wondering about what this sign needs, think about what they like — or even what would surprise them.

Give them something they'd never buy for themselves. In other words, pick something purely for its aesthetic appeal — and don't worry if it seems a little too pretty or frivolous.
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This sign is drawn to knickknacks of all sorts, and they just so happen to have a serious nostalgic streak. Don't worry about making your present ultra-practical. Libras tend to prefer form over function, so make conversation pieces (rather than housewares) your priority.

Give them a reminder of their history. Their favorite photos in understated frames, or even a gag gift that alludes to an inside joke you share, will mean the world.
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Scorpios are fiercely original individuals. They crave unique experiences and, for your purposes here, gifts that they've never seen before.

Give them something they can mix and match. Scorps can't stand anything that's too fussy, so don't worry about giving them a complete set of anything. Instead, why not put together a bar set made up of different pieces?
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Adventurous Archers hate being tied down by anything, including responsibilities, belongings, or even a single address. Avoid gifts that will add to the clutter in their homes or will just end up collecting dust on a shelf.

Give them an experience. Add to their collection of luggage, pick out some camping supplies, or even help them fund their honeymoon.
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This tradition-loving sign is probably asking for all the classic wedding gifts, but you can set your present apart by avoiding anything too fancy. Given their minimalist streak, your Goat friend will love anything that’s practical.

Give them something that lasts forever: A cast-iron skillet, chef's knife, and butcher's block come to mind.
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Aquarians always have the future on their minds, whether they're speculating on the state of humankind or wondering about Apple's next big release. They'll love anything that makes their present feel a little more advanced.

Give them a gadget that they'll use every day. Perhaps that's a high-tech water filter or, if you're willing to splurge for your Water Bearer friend, a Google Home or an Amazon Echo.
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When they can, Pisces love to escape into their own world. Their marriage simply means they're bringing a plus-one along with them. They'll welcome anything that they can use for their many nights in to come.

Give them something cozy — but not a blanket. Any Pisces worth their salt has enough throws already. A set of candle holders, a shearling rug, or new towels will do the trick.
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