16 Waterproof Shoes That Aren't Rain Boots

Spring is the most fickle season of all — even when you wake up and it's that perfect 70 degrees and sunny, you never know when things can turn dark and stormy come late afternoon (and it always happens when you forget your umbrella). But if you read R29 daily, you'll agree that nothing can throw off your look worse than a pair of typical rain boots.

No, you can't beat practicality. But no one likes sloshing around in soaked sneakers and socks all day. Have you ever considered opting for a stylish alternative that's still totally puddle-proof? Whether a trendy patent bootie or water-resistant sneaker, knee-high rubber Wellies aren't your only option when the skies open. Instead, you can express your style and keep your toes dry all at once. Click ahead to see how.

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