30 Ways To Upgrade Your Fall Beauty Routine

When it comes to ordering beverages at brunch or shopping for multiple pairs of black booties, we like having options. But when we're in the market for a new nail polish or body lotion, sometimes the drugstore beauty aisle is just too much. Seriously, we never thought we'd be so overwhelmed trying to find a lip stain. To make things easier the next time you want to replenish your product stash, we had our staffers spill on the best cheap beauty thrills they stockpile, all available at Walmart.

From skin-saving salves to life-changing mascaras, these 30 holy-grail primpers will not only cut down your decision fatigue, they'll likely spark some beauty-routine upgrades. Some of them are so good that multiple people even sang their praises.

The best part though? Every product rings in under $10 — that's less than your black coffee/Bloody Mary combo. Start shopping!
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"When I'm in between color appointments, the shine begins to fade. I use this treatment about four or five weeks after getting my hair colored, and it gives me that just-out-of-the-salon shine." —Andrea Foster, Executive Director, Key Accounts
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"I have been using these guys for YEARS, and I can't live without them! They're the best at wiping away all manners of makeup, daily dirt, and oil with no icky residue. The scent is amazing and refreshing. I crave giving my face a wipe-down with them as soon as I get home at the end of a long day." —Meredith Gray, Senior Beauty Editor, Brand Experiences
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"This is a great product for South Asian skin tones. It's hard to find a bronzer that works for olive undertones, between the industry's notion of 'light' and 'dark.' Most bronzers disappear on my skin or look streaky, but this one does a great job." —Benish Shah, Director, Head of Product Marketing
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"This is one of my favorite body lotions ever! It leaves my skin feeling super smooth but not greasy. It's slightly tinted, so it evens out my skin tone, but it's never noticeable like an instant bronzer — even on a pale girl like me. It's kind of like a lotion version of the sheer pantyhose that no one wears anymore." —Karen Lininger, Content Strategist
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"This is by far the best hair lotion to use when you're trying to do a twist-out or flexi-rod curls without using a heat tool. This product moisturizes my coarse tendrils and keeps my curls looking shiny and feeling soft. The long-lasting hold is amazing, too." —Candace Sautman, PM/Producer
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"It gives my hair the best just-got-out-of-the-ocean texture. I buy this product in bulk, and I'm so excited that it came back!" —Betsy Mullinix, Photo Editor
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"I can't remember how I found this mascara, but I've been using it for at least four or five years. I use both the regular and waterproof formulas, especially in the summer. I love the plastic bristle brush, because it's the easiest to use, and there are never any clumps. This mascara makes my eyelashes look both long and thick." —Nikki Mendell, PR Manager
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"So fresh and so clean! This mask is affordable, great for oily skin, and has a minty tingle I love. I think a friend recommended it a long time ago — it was something I'd seen at a bunch of drugstores, but I'd never used any Queen Helene products. Now I try to use it weekly before I go to bed. I know another friend who uses this mask as a spot treatment." —Amanda Green, Marketing Copywriter
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"I use this liquid soap as a body wash every day. My skin stays soft all day long, and it's 100% natural. I also use it to wash my dog — he smells fab!" —Meredith Vass, HR Director
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"It's anti-bacterial and fragrance-free, which makes this soap perfect for not only cleaning cuts and scrapes but also cleaning makeup brushes. Every couple of weeks, I wet my brushes, squirt a little of this into the palm of my hand, and give them a swirl through the suds. Then I just rinse, re-shape, and let them dry." —Brittnee Cann, QA Team Lead
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"My style is relatively casual, so I like nail polish that is low-maintenance, feminine, and versatile. This color is obviously all three! And if you mess up (which I always do), no one can tell because it's so lightweight and sheer." —Julie Bogen, Associate Social Media Editor
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"This is my go-to for fuller-looking lashes. The brush works well for both my top and bottom lashes. And it compliments all eye-makeup looks from a natural, subtle shadow to a dramatic smoky eye." —Amber Asous, Account Manager
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"I use this for everything. Not only is this THE ONE for healing dry-skin patches, but I also use it on my cuticles, lips, and under my eyes before bed. It's also great for keeping unruly eyebrows in place and can be dabbed on the cheekbones for a dewy look. I have the little travel-sized tubes stashed in my nightstand, bathroom, purse, car — I can't live without it." —Brittnee Cann, QA Team Lead

This is the only product I use on my perpetually chapped lips. It's thick and hydrating, and it leaves behind a nice gloss-like shine without being sticky or sliding off. A dab also clears up flaky, dry spots around my nostrils overnight. I keep a tube on me at all times." —Katie O'Donnell, Associate Fashion Editor, Brand Experiences
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"I love this stuff during the summer when my hair freaks out from the humidity. I have a vague inkling I actually bought this particular serum after reading something on our site! Using it could not be easier — I just shower, run a brush through my hair, and then apply one pump of the serum. I find it works really well on air-dried hair." —Caroline Ammarell, Editorial Operations Assistant
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"I'm a lip-balm junkie, and after trying every balm, stick, and gloss under the sun, the product I've found to never fail me is Vaseline's petroleum jelly. The brand repackaged its cult product into these tiny lip formulas and in three different flavors. There's always one in my bag, at my work desk, in every junk drawer in my apartment, and in my car!" —Annie Kim, Senior Campaign Manager

"I use these little pots religiously as lip balm, cuticle cream, on dry elbows, feet, and even on my eyelids and cheekbones to add dewiness." —Meredith Vass, HR Director

"I love the Rosy Lips version of this product. My mom first gave me one as something low-maintenance to keep me from 'looking so washed out when I go to the gym' (a random yet accurate observation that only moms can offer). It gives your lips the perfect subtle rosy hue, smells nice, and the little container is pretty much the cutest thing ever. I now have one swimming around at the bottom of my purse at all times." —Karen Lininger, Content Strategist
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"This is a secret gem. It's great for summer because it has a really nice stain, and it doesn't get sticky or melt in the heat, which means you can take it to the beach or pool. It also looks like a big crayon, so it's pretty foolproof to apply." —Florencia Rolandelli, Freelance Photo Editor
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"This dry shampoo is super cost-effective, since I use it every other day, applying generously throughout my long, thick hair. I get the extra-tall can, which lasts at least a couple of months, and I carry a travel-size version on weekend trips and in my work bag. Besides refreshing my second-day roots (without any powdery residue), it adds really nice volume and texture, so my second-day hair actually ends up looking better than it did the day I washed it." —Katie O'Donnell, Associate Fashion Editor, Brand Experiences
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"With summer sadly coming to an end, it's important to think ahead and keep moisturized throughout the long, dry winter months. This is a go-to product when it comes to slathering up from head to toe. The cocoa-butter scent not only leaves me smelling fresh, but more importantly, the formula keeps my skin oh-so smooth.” —Maddie Guthrie, Account Director
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"I've been using this eyeliner since I was in middle school and have tried literally every pencil on the market. Nothing compares to this one. I use the dark-brown color, and it doesn't smudge when I touch my eyes or run throughout the day, but it comes off so easily with soap and water that I don't even need makeup remover. The pencil also lasts forever." —Haley Morgan, Account Manager
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"I've sworn by this tinted moisturizer for years, and I don't think I'll stop anytime soon. I've tried all the base-makeup products out there, and this one really sets the bar. It has great coverage and lasts forever. Plus, it's only $3, so how can you go wrong?" —Victoria Tomkinson, Weekend Social Media Editor
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"This nail polish is truly a miracle. In the summer, my feet and pedi take a beating walking the NYC streets, but this really stays like it claims. The colors are fun and shiny, and the topcoat is like magic. I have several colors, but I wear this shade a lot." —Lisa Dionisio, Homepage and Email Editor
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"This stuff made me swear off expensive eyeliners for the rest of my life. It would probably last for two full days if I didn't wash my face — which, ew." —Bethany Lewis, Senior PM/Producer
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"Usually the only makeup I wear is eyeliner and mascara. Of course those happen to be the trickiest kinds of makeup to take off. These are the only wipes that not only take off that stubborn black mascara but are gentle to my skin along the way. Oh! And they smell really nice." —Vanessa Golembewski, Features Writer
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"This liner stays on all day long, never smudges, and is affordable. I can't live without it." —Katherine Anne Connolly, Video Development Coordinator
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"I bought this on a whim when my friend and I went in to the e.l.f. store near our office just to check it out. It's such a good find! It's got great colors — I use two at a time to mix and layer. And they stay on all day." —Jennifer Refat, Senior Front End Engineer, Web
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"I love this product for covering circles under my eyes and any small, light blemishes. It's lightweight and translucent, and the fact that it has SPF is a huge bonus." —Alex Marino, Freelance Designer

"As far as cheap concealer goes, this one is great for covering up dark under-eye circles. The sponge-tip applicator really makes sure the color blends well, so there's no reverse raccoon-eye effect." —Katie O'Donnell, Associate Fashion Editor, Brand Experiences
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"All the expensive lotions out there just don’t moisturize and hydrate like this drugstore staple. The cocoa butter is a dream after a day in the sun — your skin just drinks it up." —Maharlika Mance, Director of Production
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"I've been using this eyeliner since I was in high school, and it's still my go-to for a smudgy eye." —Sarah Jacoby, Associate Editor, Health and Science
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"These lip stains are usually about $3 and are the longest-lasting, least-drying lip stains I have ever used. Normally I spend a lot of time debating what color I'm going to get when I buy a new product, because I'm only willing to shell out the cash for one lippie, but these are so inexpensive that you could buy the whole line of colors for the price of a single higher-end stain." —Jen Calloway, Front End Engineer
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"I use this balm every day in the winter, because my lips get seriously dry. I couldn't live without it. Well, I could, but I wouldn't be able to talk." —Christine McNeley, Executive Assistant to Chief Technology Officer