10 Hacks For Making Vegetables WAY More Delicious

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We didn't always like eating our veggies. When someone puts a huge plate of plain steamed broccoli in front of you as a kid, it's no wonder you suddenly decide it's your least favorite food for years to come. But, now that we're old enough make our own dinners (and no one is making us sit at the table until we finish our peas), we've figured out some tips and tricks to make eating our vegetables something we actually want to do. (And no, this post wasn't surreptitiously sponsored by all of our parents.)

Ahead, find 10 ways to make greens, roots, and some other healthy stuff taste delicious every time.
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Fries Aren't Just For Potatoes
We are obsessed with French fries. But, despite what Congress says, we don't really count fried potatoes as a way to get our daily dose of nutrients. Try baked-and-breaded strips, instead. You can pull this off with zucchini, sweet potatoes, or even avocados.
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Don't Throw Away Flavor
We often throw away the parts of our veggies that we're not going to eat, but little did we know we're basically throwing away flavor. Save celery leaves, mushroom stems, onion peels, and more in a baggie in the freezer. When the Ziploc is full, you can make your own stock that will add an extra-veggie punch to whatever you're making. Plus, homemade stock is always better than store-bought and it takes little-to-no effort to pull off.
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Dip It Good
If you love hummus and other snack-worthy dips, you can blend whatever veggies you've got on hand right into your creamy app. Even beets taste good when you're eating them with pita!
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Eat The Stems
Not a fan of broccoli florets? Well, there's a whole other part of the veg you're missing out on that is actually sweeter and, in our humble opinion, even more delicious. Just peel the outside and either eat it raw with hummus or a dip, or cook it however you're planning to use the head.
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Change Their Texture
If you're not really into eating a salad or a big side of veggies, just change their texture. The easiest way to do that is with a big bowl of pureed soup (plus you can spice things up with some other complementing flavors, not to mention toppings).
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Snacking Is The Way To Go
There's something about snack food that is always appealing. So, instead of eating kale in a salad, turn it into chips! You can pull off this fun trick with a whole slew of veggies including sweet potatoes and root veggies.
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Make "Spaghetti"
Veggies can be a great stand-in for pasta, and there are several ways to make it happen. The easiest is probably spaghetti squash, but you can also use zucchini (to make zoodles!), or turn cauliflower into couscous. The best part is you can then douse the whole thing in sauce and cheese and no one will care that you swapped out the starch.
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Stop Steaming And Start Roasting
If you're steaming your vegetables instead of roasting them, you're basically torturing yourself. We're big fans of roasting because it brings out a deeper, almost caramelized flavor in whatever you're popping into the oven. Plus, you can season any green or root with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and it'll turn out great.
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Hide Them In Plain Sight
One surefire way to get your 5 to 7 servings is by hiding your veggies from yourself. It'll change the color, but you can never taste spinach when you add it to a smoothie. You can also easily add some celery root, parsnips, or even beets to your mashed potatoes.
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Turn Them Into Everyone's Favorite Food
Cauliflower is one of those polarizing foods you either love or hate. But, turn it into something totally different like, say, a healthier take on pizza, and EVERYONE will be clamoring for a taste.