7 L.A. Thrift Stores You Can Actually Score At

Seeing as L.A. has no shortage of quality shopping, it should come as no surprise that the thrift scene is equally on-point. To make your life a little easier, we’ve gone and done the dirty work, rounding up the best places to score a serious steal around town.
Ahead, our short list of go-to locales and what to keep your eye on. And, dear readers, we know you've got style in spades: If our list has overlooked your tried-and-true fave, don’t be shy — share it!

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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
UCLA Thrift Shop

On the hunt for a gorgeous French-style hutch? Or maybe a good read from the store’s impressive library of used books? Or, maybe, you’ll settle for a floral spring/summer 2010 Marni dress priced at $60? The UCLA Thrift shop is less about that $5 teacup (though it has got plenty), and more about the $40 you-gotta-see-this-steal type of spot.

UCLA Thrift Shop, 11271 Massachusetts Avenue (at Sawtelle Boulevard), 310-478-1793.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
Our three favorite finds at a recent visit to UCLA Thrift Shop.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
Helping Hand Thrift Shop

Helping Hand can be hit or miss, but if you’ve the time to do a little eyes-open digging, you just might unearth a real treasure. It has some antique-store quality art and objects, as well as an expansive assortment of books in the back, plus great furniture usually assembled outside on the street at the store’s entrance.

Helping Hand Thrift Shop, 1033 S. Fairfax Avenue, 323-857-1191.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
We've got our eye on those two mirrors!
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
Council Thrift Shop

Council Thrift Shop is known for getting some of L.A.’s best used furniture deliveries around town. From midcentury modern pieces in great condition to barely broken-in full dining sets, it’s worth a visit if you’re redecorating. Plus, shelves upon shelves of cute tableware mean your new buys won’t go home alone.

Council Thrift Shop, 10960 Santa Monica Boulevard (at Veteran Avenue), 310-477-9601.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
Silk shirts galore!
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
Berda Paradise Thrift Shop

Prices are low at Berda Paradise — “Dollar Rack” low. Merchandise filters in and out daily; so don’t be discouraged if your first visit isn’t the stuff of dreams. But, know this: The $1 deadstock Levi’s and $10 wool herringbone coats are worth checking in for again and again.

Berda Paradise Thrift Shop, 3506 W. Sunset Boulevard (at Golden Gate Avenue), 323-661-8246.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
A paradise, indeed.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

Head to one of American Cancer Society’s many California Discovery Shop ouposts if you’re on the prowl for quality pieces in need of some present day TLC. Full furniture sets, sweet ceramic tableware, and a great assortment of outerwear, sweaters, and blouses fill the tidy, well-maintained racks. Bonus: Your shopping addiction will support a good cause.

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, 844 S. Robertson Boulevard (at Gregory Way), 310-360-4894; 920 Wilshire Boulevard (between Francisco and S. Figueroa streets), 310-458-4490.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
Hello, cozy fall sweater.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.

Seventies jumpsuits and sparkle sweaters and so-soft band tees, oh my! Squaresville is a staple in the east side vintage circuit, and for good reason. Its pieces fall on the statement-making side, so if you’ve got places to be and people to see, Squaresville is about to be your new BFF.

Squaresville , 1800 N. Vermont Avenue (at Melbourne Avenue), 323-669-8464.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
We spy a not-too-simple little black dress.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.

Wasteland is a different breed of thrift — after all, the store stocks new merch alongside its curated racks of gently worn pieces. From past-season Topshop to good-as-new silky Equipment blouses and high-wasited ACNE denim, Wasteland promises quality and on-trend pieces at deeply discounted prices.

Wasteland 7429 Melrose Avenue (at N. Vista Street), 323-653-3028.
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Photographed by Phoebe Chuason.
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