50 Super-Chic Home Buys — Under $50!

Photo: Courtesy of Eric Trine.
Our agenda for the next three months takes place chiefly outside, slathering on sunscreen, slurping organic strawberry popsicles, and perfecting our rooftop playlist. But, eventually, we'll have go back inside — if only to grab more refreshments. It would be nice if our places looked semi-presentable and season-appropriate.

Hence, our big summer home guide, with everything new to trick out your place into a warm-weather wonderland. You probably don't need these charming seasonal wears, but with everything on this list ringing up for under $50, you'll definitely want them. Think: copper tumblers, rainbow planters, jungle napkins, and a ship kite (they'll be all the rage in summer skies). These are the items that'll make your place say, "laid-back vacation home." Click through to shop our favorites.
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Perfect to complement the jungle juice you'll be serving.
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Hang these from a fire escape, backyard deck, or in the living room.
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Summer concerts in the park wouldn't be the same without these chic tequila bracelets.
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Still or sparkling? It will be cool and refreshing either way, as long as you drink it from these sea-green tumblers.
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If you're a plant killer extraordinaire, this zany gadget will tell you when the heat's too much and your little guy needs a drink.
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Use these to house anything from paperclips to a tiny plant.
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Serve mojitos on these tasty table-protectors.
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Who doesn't need a new dish towel for summer?
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If you're not going to the ocean, these guys will help transport you there.
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This arrangement will stay fresh all summer long, no green thumb required.
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A pop of color for afternoon stoop sipping.
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This mug will make you think twice about switching to cold brew.
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Natural, embroidered, fair-trade: Everything a towel should be.
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Your house might not be super-tidy, but dang, you'll have a chic toilet paper holder.
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Perfect for serving up your artistic appetizers.
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Your new paradise palm will feel right at home in this.
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The ideal scent for burning inside or out this season.
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Not your typical summer stripe.
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The tall one is ideal for storing summer storm umbrellas.
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Okay, this one is $50 exactly, but we couldn't resist including it. Nothing tops a glimmer of copper.
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A domino set that kids (and you) will love.
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Found: Your coffee table centerpiece to ground the room.
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The most tasteful way to be patriotic this Fourth.
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Just the right amount of punch for the countertop.
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If you're grilling, a classic ticking apron is mandatory attire.
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To get your head in a Catalina state of mind.
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Send sweet thank you cards balanced with prickly accents.
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Sometimes, all you need is one woah pillow.
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Okay, this one is right at $50, too — but it self waters, so you'll never need to hire a house sitter.
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Write all your favorite Virginia Woolf quotes in this diary.
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Indian summer-hued placements subtly nod at how long you hope the season will last.
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Say hello to a little friendly, island-inspired competition.
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Line your stoop with these darlings.
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Ready and waiting for a fresh batch of mint juleps.
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No target practice necessary: These will look great in a vase.
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Slip into the hot season with these subtle ombre napkins.
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A fresh ode to Yayoi Kusama.
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Because the cow creamer is so 2014.
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Sage it up for good vibes this coming month.
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Keep the manners polite, but the settings wild.
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All the kids' jaws at the park will drop.
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Earthy and contemplative, just like your stay-cation will be.
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Who knew watermelon salad and M.J. could be so right for each other?
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Hang your straw beach totes and sun hats on these lovelies.
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The humble chip-bag clip reaches new heights.
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Write thank you notes on them, make the cocktails, or gift the whole box.
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Your rooftop games just got more lively.
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Great for suntanning at the park or drying off after a dip in the hotel pool.
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The ideal spot to toss all your park gear so it's on hand and ready.
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Clover plus honey equals summer bliss (especially at $18).