30 Flats Under $50 (Your Feet Will Thank You)

We'll easily drool over a pair of beautifully crafted pumps, but flats don't tend to get the same giddy reaction. And it's time we asked: Why? When your feet have gone through hell and back from #GIRLBOSS-ing in your best heels, flats are there to offer the comfort and reassuring hold that can only come from the kindness of a horizontal plane.

It's time to show some love for the underdogs of your shoe collection — those whose only job (and one they excel at, we might add) is to serve your soles. In the spirit of making things easier for you, we'll give you one more reason to feel light on your feet: The 30 options ahead all ring in under $50 (feel that bounce bubbling up yet?). With brogues and espadrilles and everything in between, we dare you to not find an option that makes you fall in love. Your tired feet (not to mention your worn-out wallet) will thank you.
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Pretty in lilac.
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Giving off some major tropical vibes.
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You know what they say — the eyes are the window to the soul soles.
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Your toes will feel anything but blue in this pretty pair.
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Spacey in a good way.
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The cool girl's take on the classic espadrille — the most tried-and-true of summer shoes.
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We found the 103rd dalmatian.
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Pair with a midi-skirt and a beach bike.
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For when you just can't get enough denim.
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Sometimes, you don't have to choose between fashion and function.
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In case you're really missing your heels for a day, opt for these to get a little lift.
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Colorblocking, the preppy way.
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Denim and leather for your feet.
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Wear these on days when your inner tough girl wants to button up.
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Squeaky clean.
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The clever way to catch a breeze.
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A cool take on the classic lace-up oxford.
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We're definitely into this Mary-Jane-oxford mashup.
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When your daily uniform is black on black, why stray?
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A statement shoe for days when you need a little oomph.
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Wear with an all-white outfit for maximum impact.
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Just slide into it.
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All wrapped up and ready to go!
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Business in the front, summer-ready in the back.
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Classic with a kick.
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Quick, snatch these up before Labor Day...but wear them forever after.
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Velvet and T-strapped? We'll take one in each color, please.
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Opting for flats doesn't mean you can't still go wild.

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