These Pro-Approved Surf Sprays Deliver Smooth, Shiny Waves

Photographed by Winnie Au.
If you don’t remember the collective freakout that the beauty universe had when surf sprays came out, it went a little something like this: “Oh, my, gosh, you guys! We can look like Kate Bosworth in Blue Crush all the time, even if we’re in Omaha!?!”
That’s right, beach spray is right up there with dry shampoo when it comes to revolutionary hair breakthroughs, because it delivers one of the sexiest premises ever: Mist it into damp hair, scrunch, and replicate your last vacation hair look without hot tools or time off work.
But somewhere along the way, our hopes for surfer girl gold were dampened. Because as it turns out, some beach sprays are so salty, they make hair look dry and brittle. Meanwhile, others are so heavy, they leave us with a wet dog vibe — a look that doesn’t even look good on wet dogs. And in the midst of all this discovery, what seems like a bajillion different formulations have been launched over the past few years, making picking a winner a real bitch beach.
Now, we can finally take a breath and make rad beach hair finally happen, because super celeb hairstylist Kylee Heath is here to help. Heath not only works with loads of stars — including Rashida Jones, Kristen Stewart, and Emma Roberts — she knows a thing or two about picking the best product for the right hair type.
Ahead, she breaks down exactly what we should be looking for in a beach spray, no matter what our hair texture (Spoiler alert: for some hair types, you should avoid salt all together). Get ready for the best waves of your life this summer, landlocked lifestyle be damned.