Why This Cult Favorite Needs To Make Your Summer Watch List

If you’ve frequented the internet in the past three years, chances are you’ve stumbled across a few references to Rick and Morty. Whether you realized it or not depends largely on whether you’ve been following along with the much-hyped show, which spotlights the epic adventures of an intergalactic super genius and his sidekick slash 14-year-old grandson. (If this sounds vaguely similar to another iconic mad-scientist-and-teen duo, well, it should.)
The show debuted in 2013 and has amassed nothing short of a cult following, thanks to its wit, twists, and occasionally endearing family moments. Now, with season 3 finally, finally set to premiere July 30 on Adult Swim after over a year and a half, it’s about time you bought into the hype. Ahead, we’re sharing the 10 most "Rickdiculous" adventures and "Mortiest" moments that reflect just how strange and wonderful this series is. Follow us through this portal — and binge-watch over at adultswim.com — and you'll get it, too.
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S01, E01 - "Pilot"

In the very first episode of the series, we quickly learn a few things about our anti-hero — namely his distrust for bureaucracies — and his sidekick, who is far from the brightest star on the celestial map.

This pilot graces the top 10 for obvious reasons, and it's the perfect iconic episode to revisit when we're in need of a quick laugh — minus the twisty-turny plot line.
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S01, E06 - "Rick Potion #9"

Unlike the show's pilot, which is pretty straightforward as far as this show goes, "Rick Potion #9" requires viewers to be a lot more mentally strapped in.

Things start off simple: Morty asks Rick for a concoction that'll make his crush fall for him. But due to an oversight on Rick's part, things take a quick nosedive, resulting in the duo wreaking havoc on the entire world. What happens next is a pivotal moment in the show, and the mother of all twists. Basically, the two ditch their ruined planet to — wait for it — take the places of recently deceased versions of themselves in an alternate dimension.
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S01, E08 - "Rixty Minutes"

Like Rick's inter-dimensional cable box, this episode truly has something for everyone. Equal parts family drama (read: more Beth and Jerry marriage woes); wacky, highly improvised moments; and profound-bordering-gloomy advice, it's a winning combination from every angle.
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S01, E10 - "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind"

Let's just say if the plot twist in "Rick Potion #9" were to procreate with the wacky-yet-relatable "Rixty Minutes," this episode would be their love child. Rife with unforeseen (uh, there's an entire Trans-Dimensional Council of Ricks) and semi-endearing moments, it's a perfect example of the give and take that make the show such a success.
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S01, E11 - "Ricksy Business"

Rick and Summer throw competing ragers, things get way out of hand, and Morty is left to clean up the mess. But aside from the hilarity of Summer's high-school friends meeting Rick's weird space pals, we're also introduced to some important players in season 2, like Birdperson — Rick's best friend and partner in crime(s), who divulges the sad-but-true meaning behind Rick's catchphrase, "Wubbalubbadubdub."
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S02, E01 - "A Rickle in Time"

The gang — in this instance Rick, Morty, and Summer — manages to fracture time, creating a headache of parallel dimensions. But what really makes this episode a keeper? It's the first time we see a glimmer of possibility that maybe Rick isn't as entirely self-serving as he lets on.
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S02, E04 - "Total Rickall"

Tbh, this episode is another great example of "so weird it works." Featuring a slew of absurd characters (I mean, Mrs. Refrigerator? Mr. Poopy Butthole?) and half-baked plot lines, it's pure fun with just enough, "wait, what?" thrown into the mix.
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So2, E05 - "Get Schwifty"

Think of this episode as an intergalactic version of a celebrity-judged singing show, only, the stakes are much higher. Rick and Morty pull out all the stops to create a so-bad-it's-catchy song called "Get Schwifty" and end up saving the planet from almost certain doom. Go ahead, name a more iconic duo.
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S02, E10 - "The Wedding Squanchers"

The cliffhanger season 2 finale starts out with a wedding invitation from Rick's best friend, Birdperson, who is marrying Summer's best friend, Tammy. (Weird? Weird.) But the major twist comes when the bride reveals herself to be an undercover Galactic Federation agent, spurring a series of high-stake moments.

Later, in an uncharacteristically selfless move, Rick sacrifices his freedom so that his family can return home — and proves once more that there might just be something below the surface of his apathy...
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S03, E01 - "The Rickshank Rickdemption"

The first episode of season 3 throws us right back into action mode without a hiccup, expertly calling on past episodes while setting the stage for brand-new adventures.

And with Jerry and the government out of the way, it's safe to say that wherever we follow Rick and Morty through the portal this season, it's going to be a wild ride.
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Tune in to the season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty July 30 at 11:30 p.m. EDT, only on Adult Swim.