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Tall & Plus Size? These 8 Shops Fulfill Your Style Needs

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    So, you're a tall drink of water, blessed with the ability to reach the top shelf and see over crowds without standing on tip-toe. You might have envy-inspiring long legs, but much to your frustration, on you, most pants suddenly become capris, and midi-skirts are actually minis. And, though it seems like the fashion world might be made for you (after all, you and models literally see eye to eye), you're working with a few more curves than your average Gisele.

    For tall ladies who are also plus, you needn’t feel neglected any longer. We've rounded up the best shops that will flatter your figure without making you feel like you need to suck it in and slouch your shoulders. Read on to discover the best shopping destinations that satisfy all your fit needs. And, be sure to let us know in the comments if we missed any other gems.

    Oh, and if you’re petite and plus size and wondering, "Well, what about me?,” we crafted an article specifically for you right here.

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