The Best Plus-Size Lingerie Brands To Shop Now

Let's get intimate for a moment: No matter if we're single or taken (or any other type of relationship status Facebook lets us pick), we love to don a sensual underpinning. It doesn't matter if we're the only ones who'll see those sexy somethings, just knowing we've got a little something special on puts us in a good mood all day long. And, we know we're not alone in using this confidence-boosting trick.

But, when your curves are ample, your bust needs more than light-as-air bra straps. And, if you've got a booty, too, lingerie shopping can quickly turn from being a pleasure to being a pain (and not the Fifty Shades kind). To save you from stressing, we rounded up our choice picks of sexy underthings for those with a little more to love.

Did we miss your favorite spot for picking up seductive styles? Tell us in the comments where you love to shop for your most provocative pieces, so we can add it to our hot list.