33 Ridiculously Cute Yoga Leggings That Actually Come In Plus Sizes

It's basically impossible to point to just one aspect of exercise and say it's the best part. There are the health benefits, obviously — the fact that your time at the gym is going to keep you safe from far-off concerns such as hardened arteries and arthritis is important, sure. And of course there's the good mood and better sleep and yada, yada. But if we had to choose just one benefit as the reason we truly like working out, we'd say this: that incredible feeling of release that comes at some point during almost every workout, when you go from feeling tired or crabby to just feeling good.
The problem: It's not always so easy to remember that magical feeling when you're tired or crabby (or both) and you just want to go home to Netflix. However, one thing that can help — and it doesn't make us any less hardcore for saying it — is having something both comfortable and cute to wear to the gym.
And we'd go so far as to say there is no more important workout wardrobe staple than the perfect pair (or three) of workout leggings. They're essential for any kind of exercise: yoga, cardio, strength training, you name it.
The top priority when shopping for workout leggings should be comfort, of course. But that isn't just about the fabric (although it definitely helps). These days, workout leggings may come with flat-locked seams that don't irritate your skin, mesh panels to keep you cool and dry in the right places, and extra-supportive waistbands to avoid sagging that interrupts your gym flow. Combined, these elements can make sure your next favorite pair looks great and works great, both which can truly make you feel great while you're moving.
Click through to see 31 of our favorite pairs of leggings that come in plus sizes, designed with all bodies in mind. These will definitely get you through yoga class — and then some.
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The fabric on these seamless leggings is "next-to-naked" smooth, but the thick elastic waistband keeps them from slipping down as you move.
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Photo: Courtesy of K Deer.
Bright stripes on these vibrant leggings will ensure that you stand out in a crowded class. While they're on the pricier side, a portion of the cost goes to charity.
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The thick waistband helps keep these leggings in place while you flow through poses.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kohl's.
The colorful stripes are just the right amount of color for those of us who aren't into wild prints.
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Photo: Courtesy of Old Navy.
These color-blocked leggings are made from moisture-wicking fabric that also helps prevent chafing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
A wide mesh panel on these bright red leggings makes them ideal for hot yoga classes.
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If you're looking for something a little less basic than your black pair of leggings, opt for this subtle floral print.
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Stand out from the class in these diamond cutout leggings.
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Photo: Courtesy of REI.
These have deep thigh pockets for stashing your phone or extra hair ties.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nike.
This fabric is designed to target all the spots where sweat typically gathers, so you won't feel drenched after a steamy vinyasa class.
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Photo: Courtesy of Torrid.
The Wonder Woman-inspired print gives a whole new meaning to "warrior pose."
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Marble print and mesh details look luxe, but these leggings are surprisingly affordable.
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Special anti-odor technology in these sweats keeps them from getting stinky over time.
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Photo: Courtesy of Target.
Proving that moto doesn't always have to mean black.
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This watercolor-esque pair comes with an extra-high waist.
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These leggings aren't just pretty; they'll wick away moisture, and they come with a hidden pocket.
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Just the right pop of brightness.
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This pair's got a bold print, plus a wide waistband for extra support.
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The crisscross details aren't just cute; they also provide a little extra breathability.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lane Bryant.
The perfect plum for fall.
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These come with quick-drying fabric and a pocket hidden in the waistband.
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These are so comfy, you might just stay in them all day.
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Not just for Shark Week.
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These have ultra-stretchy fabric that will follow you through every pose.
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Not only is the fabric stretchy and comfy; it's also antimicrobial, to keep you feeling fresh.
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With moisture-wicking fabric and mesh panels on the back, these will definitely keep you cool and dry.
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Prepare to set some PRs in these.
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These were designed for running, but their zippered pocket makes them great for running errands, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom.
These high-waisted cropped leggings have mesh panels for breathability.
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This classic pair has an especially wide waistband, to give you a little extra support.
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Photo: Courtesy of Macy's.
Mesh details add just a bit of edge.
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Super-stretchy fabric keeps this pair extremely comfy.
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This versatile pair is a go-to for pretty much any training.