7 Trips To Take Before You Turn 25

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There's no age limit on travel. But there are certain destinations that simply attract — and cater to — a younger crowd. Whether it’s the glitter of Las Vegas or the ceaseless nightclubs of Ibiza, some places are just especially well-suited to the under-25 set.

Ahead, we've gathered seven trips you'll appreciate more if you take them before your 25th birthday (of course, we’re not going to try to stop you from going at any time in your life). Just remember to stay hydrated, take a lot of photos, and give yourself a day to recover before going back to work.

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Sure, you can go to Vegas at any age, but those who are still reveling in the idea of being legally able to imbibe and gamble will likely get the most out of Sin City. Many of the hotels are remarkably cheap to book (they know you’ll blow all your cash at the slots). But if you want something hip with a good pool, check out the SLS Las Vegas with its Foxtail Pool Club, or The Cosmopolitan, which features the Marquee Dayclub.

Vegas offers ample opportunity to drink all day and night — and to wear tiny, sequined dresses you might not be into once you hit your 30s. It’s the sort of place that’s way more fun when you’re young, willing to stay up all night, and interested in living out the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” And when you’re ready to nurse your massive hangover, try one of the city’s many buffet breakfasts (the one at the MGM is especially insane) and take in a show (check out Cirque de Soleil’s trippy O, at the Bellagio).
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Tel Aviv, Israel
Israel’s beach city is a good way to experience another culture and region of the world without venturing too far out of your comfort zone. Tel Aviv, located west of Jerusalem, is a youthful, vibrant, international metropolis with vast beaches, good nightlife, and fairly inexpensive lodging. Try Townhouse Tel Aviv, a quirky boutique hotel located on a trendy stretch of Rothschild Boulevard that offers free breakfast, Wi-Fi, and complimentary evening wine and cheese.

While in town, be sure to explore the Jaffa Old City area and visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. In the evening, grab a drink at underground bar Jimmy Who or hit the dance floor at the artsy Kuli Alma. And, if you have enough time and want to peel yourself away from the beach, a day trip to the Dead Sea or Petra is worth a splurge.
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Phuket, Thailand
If you want to experience Asia on a limited budget, Phuket is a good choice. The oceanside Thai city offers opportunities to snorkel and scuba dive, lay on the pristine beaches, and check out the country's cultural side. Phuket’s accommodations vary drastically, from pricey luxury resorts to funky-cool budget hotels. If you’re not looking to drop a ton of cash on a resort, try the quirky and fun Oddy Hip Hotel, a 15-minute walk to the beach and an affordable $35 dollars per night for a balcony room. The region has a lot of memorable restaurants and bars, but your favorite will likely be Kruvit Raft, which literally serves you your meal on a floating raft. Be sure to also stop by Sanaeha Phuket, which features live music and a regular crowd of young partygoers.
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Ibiza, Spain
Let’s be honest: If you’re under 25, you’re probably coming to Ibiza for the club scene, which is unparalleled anywhere else in Europe or the U.S. The city has beautiful beaches covered in beautiful people, plus eclectic architecture worth exploring, but ultimately, you’re here to party. The island has numerous famous clubs (Pacha is probably the most well-known) and the parties generally go through the night and into the daytime. There are some incredibly expensive hotels available in Ibiza, but you might want to spring for the ME Ibiza, a beachside resort with a massive pool. If you tire of partying, take a boat to the nearby island of Formentera, where you can hire a bike and visit the small island’s beaches, or hike up to the top of Eivissa, Ibiza’s main town.
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Key West, Florida
There are plenty of beach towns in Florida where you can lay in the sun and drink rum. But instead of heading to overplayed Daytona or Miami, try the slightly quieter Key West, a city that has the perfect hotel for you and your friends. The NYAH Key West (which stands for “Not Your Average Hotel”) offers a “Build Your Own Room” concept that allows you to customize your stay based on your sleeping needs. Each room is customizable for up to six people. When you’re ready to party, head downtown to some of the city’s many bars. Try Green Parrot Bar or The Rum Bar, and then grab a spot on the dance floor at Aqua Nightclub. If you’re feeling really brave, there is also something called the Key West Haunted Pub Crawl, which takes you on a two-hour drinking tour of spooky locations throughout town.
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Amsterdam, Netherlands
It’s all legal, so we’re not encouraging you to break any rules when we suggest jetting off to Amsterdam to indulge in its "coffee shops" and investigate the Red Light District. The European city offers a lot of cultural and historical activities, and it’s the perfect place to rent a bicycle and explore the streets along the canals. (But it’s also okay to admit that you came for the debauchery, and stick to that.)

For a hotel, your best bet is Hotel Not Hotel, a high-end hostel with quirky rooms and a bar named Kevin Bacon (because it connects everyone!). If you want something more traditional, try The Hoxton Amsterdam, a hip property located alongside the Herengracht canal.
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Cancun, Mexico
Are you disappointed that adults don’t get spring break? Don’t be: You can still book a trip to Mexico’s prime party destination once you’re out of school and in the real world (and now it will be more fun, because you’ll know that there’s a limit on how many tequila shots one human body can handle). Your best bet is to book an all-inclusive resort, which are popular in Cancun and along the Riviera Maya. It may sound cheesy, but we recommend the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, which is slightly pricey but includes all the booze you can possibly drink. The hotel throws weekly foam parties (seriously) and gives guests the opportunity to borrow a Fender guitar to play during their stay. Once you’re ready to venture into town, be sure to sidle up to the bar at the iconic Señor Frog's, which is basically spring break for adults (and they also throw foam parties, so don't worry about that).
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