The 12 Pinners From L.A. You Need To Follow ASAP

While we'll never ditch our good ol' corkboard, Pinterest is quickly becoming our e-alternative to magazine tears and pushpins. Where else can you find Marilyn Monroe's passport photos or vintage Esquire covers all in one convenient spot? (Umm … nowhere!)
Now that the invite-only site has banished the exclusivity aspect, we're seeing a surge in even more stylish and inspiring pins. And, unsurprisingly, some of our fave L.A. locals are super fans of the social-media mecca. That's why we've rounded up 12 Angelenos who are definitely worth a follow, right here. Click through and prepare to repin your little heart out.
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Username: Gerihirsch

Who: Geri Hirsch, Blogger behind Because I'm Addicted and

Stats: 567 Pins and 13 Boards

Followers: 5,354

Why We Love Her Pins: As an extension of her popular blog, Geri shows us nifty DIY tutorials and street-style snaps that beg for copycat looks. She also strikes the perfect balance of lifestyle content with pins that satisfy our inner foodie, interior-design junkie, and music nerd.

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Username: Carrie Hosozawa

Who: Carrie Hosozawa

Stats: 10,365 Pins and 30 Boards

Followers: 5,936

Why We Love Her Pins: This SoCal gal covers all topics, style-wise. Of course, we're all about her Etsy-centric board, but we're also avid followers of all those that are interior-design focused. And, you better believe there's enough to go around!

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Username: Oh Joy

Who: Joy Cho, Blogger behind Oh Joy!

Stats: 6,575 Pins and 70 Boards

Followers: 4,954,302

Why We Love Her Pins: Nope, that's not a typo, Joy has nearly five million followers (and counting!). The graphic designer obviously has a great eye, and there's no further proof than her carefully curated boards.

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Username: Compai

Who: Justina Blakeney, Designer and Blogger behind Justina Blakeney Est. 1979

Stats: 9,511 Pins and 54 Boards

Followers: 1,262,525

Why We Love Her Pins: This lady loves color, and isn't afraid to pin a rainbow's worth of art, shoes, and more. We named this new mama's blog one of our fave home-design sites for a reason, so it's no surprise she ended up on our Pinterest list, too!

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Username: Mee_chelle

Who: Michelle Halpern, Social Media Manager at Joie, Equipment, and Current/Elliott

Stats: 2,679 Pins and 42 Boards

Followers: 1,842

Why We Love Her Pins: Ok, it's pretty obvious that this gal knows her stuff when it comes to style, and her stacked resume isn't the only proof. From runway to red carpet, Michelle's got you covered. Plus, check out her ode to chandeliers — it may leave you breathless.

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Username: AG Jeans

Who: AG Jeans, the folks behind one of L.A.'s most recognizable denim brands.

Stats: 600 Pins and 18 Boards

Followers: 386

Why We Love Their Pins: Not only do we get a sneak peek at the upcoming styles, but we also get an insider look at the inspiration behind the trends. We're thinking those awesome Santa Fe jeans were influenced by this rad rug.

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Username: minniemortimer

Who: Minnie Mortimer Gaghan, Fashion Designer with a sick Brentwood pad

Stats: 1,670 Pins and 60 Boards

Followers: 1,987

Why We Love Her Pins: The bicoastal babe's Pinterest is the perfect balance of East and West Coast offerings, with loads of lovely inspiration in between. No joke, you'll want to be her BFF after just a few repins.

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Username: Therayandthero

Who: The Ray And The Ro, an L.A.- and London-based fashion blog

Stats: 2,266 Pins and 36 Boards

Followers: 216

Why We Love Their Pins: With a board filled to the brim with L.A. pride and others dedicated to labels like Céline and Chanel, we could get lost in their pins for hours (and we have!).

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Username: Designlovefest

Who: Bri Emery, Designer and Blogger behind Design Love Fest

Stats: 4,438 Pins and 32 Boards

Followers: 98,641

Why We Love Her Pins: Take note: If you enjoy geeking out over typography as much as we do, then don't miss Bri's baller collection of fancy fonts. Oh, she also pins loads of posters, illustrations, and packaging — girlfriend's got it going on.

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Username: Bonnietsang

Who: Bonnie Tsang, Photographer

Stats: 10,978 Pins and 43 Boards

Followers: 3,097,629

Why We Love Her Pins: With the greatest amount of pins in the group, this photog not only shows of her stellar snaps, but tons of additional eye candy. There's a lot to sift through, but we bet you'll love every minute of it!

Photos: Via Pinterest
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Username: Lacma

Who: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Stats: 344 Pins and 24 Boards

Followers: 1,083

Why We Love Its Pins: Too lazy to get your butt to Miracle Mile? Though the Levitated Mass and slew of new art is best experienced in the flesh, the museum's Pinterest page is a pretty awesome alternative.

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Username: Joieclothing

Who: Joie, the Cali-based brand with loads of French influence

Stats: 914 Pins and 15 Boards

Followers: 836 Followers

Why We Love Its Pins: Joie's chic offerings are closet staples for any stylish sister, and you better believe we're crushing on each lady featured in the Sunday Girls series — including our very own Connie Wang!

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