When Photobombs Attack: 11 Celeb Moments Guaranteed To Crack You Up

Nobody photobombs like a stingray. But sometimes, humans are able to achieve nearly comparable heights of hilarity in accidental moments of glory. And who better to rise to the occasion than the very folks who get photographed and filmed for a living?
Now, it's no surprise that Tina Fey would work a photobomb like nobody's business, but we have to admit we were impressed with the likes of Kate Middleton and Taylor Lautner. Not bad, guys. Not bad at all. But still — between the aforementioned sea creature and Jennifer Lawrence, you have some stiff competition!
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There's a third wheel in this picture, and its name is Liz Lemon 2: Baby Mama edition.

Photo: Henry Lamb/BEImages.
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Canadian actress Vanessa Lengies could give Jennifer Lawrence a run for her money!

Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
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Sorry, Katy Perry and Russell Brand. The eye goes straight to Jonah Hill in this picture.

Photo: Alex J. Berliner/BEImages.
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It's hard to pick a favorite between these two talking heads — stoic, distance-gazing Dustin Hoffman and highlight-sporting Jack Black are both pros when it comes to photobombs.

Photo: BEImages.
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It's hard to steal the thunder from the Queen, but that horse is werking it, no doubt.

Photo: Hugh Routledge/Rex/Rex USA.
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And speaking of British royalty, Kate Middleton gets in on the fun! Now, we understand that the blurry blob probably is not Buster Bluth, but we're just going to go ahead and pretend it is, anyway.

Photo: Rex/Rex USA.
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A young Christina Aguilera's early-aughts style is no match for this Dawn of the Dead zombie.

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This can't end well.

Photo: Nils Jorgensen/Rex/Rex USA.
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Simon Pegg is deeply disturbed by this ghost hand — understandably so.

Photo: Jonathan Hordle/Rex/Rex USA.
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She's probably used to it, but still. Come on, tuxedo guy.

Photo: Peter Brooker/Rex/Rex USA.
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Photo: Beretta/REX USA
No words. There are no words for this. They should have sent a poet.