10 Cute Phone Accessories That Will Save You Some Stress

Between our Spotify streaming, Snapchatting, and constant Facebooking, it's no wonder that our phones are on low power mode shortly after leaving home each day. As a result, portable chargers have become as essential to our phones as the cases that cover them. And while they used to be ugly, black necessities meant to live in the depths of your bag or backpack, now they've turned into pretty and fun accessories. Why have an unidentifiable block of battery power when you could have a gold polka-dot or unicorn charger?

From chargers that clip right onto your phone case to others that you can plug into with a second's notice, here are ten of our favorite, grown-up juice boxes.
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Photo: Courtesy Ankit.
Keep an eye on your phone's battery level thanks to this little powerhouse, which gives Android and iOS phones an extra eight hours of talk time and 40 hours of music listening.

Ankit Eye Portable Charger, $19.99, available at theankit.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Ban.do.
It was love at first golden dot. Ban.do's tiny charger comes with a charging cable and works with the past four generations of iPhones.

Ban.do Back Me Up! Mobile Charger - Petite Party Dots, $30, available at bando.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Chic Buds.
Put this leather tassel on your key ring and you're guaranteed to always have a charging cable on hand.

Chic Buds Tassel Power Cable with Lightning Connector Black, $29.99, available at chicbuds.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Belkin.
This charging cable has a pretty, matte, metallic finish. Plus, the cable rotates 360 degrees so you can hide it when you're not using it.

Belkin MIXIT Lightning to USB Keychain, $34.99, available at belkin.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Case-Mate
What a stud. This gold battery provides a full charge for your iPhone, and has an LED light to indicate your battery level.

Rebecca Minkoff Mobile Charger - Gold Stud, $40, available at case-mate.com.
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Photo: Courtesy WattzUp Power.
This magical unicorn can power up Android and iOS phones, and also doubles as an instant conversation starter.

WattzUp Power Unihorne Charger, $40, wattzuppower.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Fab.com.
This unassuming fellow has enough power to give your iPhone five full charges. A dual USB system means that you can also use it to charge your tablet on the go.

Cheero Compact Danboard 10K mAH Charger, $44.99, available at fab.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Kate Spade New York.
Keep your bag on the bright side by tossing in Kate Spade's small battery pack, which can power up any iPhone that charges via Lightning cable.

Kate Spade New York Balloon Dot Slim Battery Bank, $60, available at katespade.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Mophie.
Since no tech accessory roundup would be complete without a touch of rose gold, here's our pick. Mophie's Powerstation packs a punch with two USB ports, allowing you to power up two devices at once. All that strength doesn't mean it's bulky — this battery is the same size as an iPhone 6's.

Mophie Powerstation 3X, $79.95, available at mophie.com.
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Photo: Courtesy Boostcase.
This battery-powered case is pricey, but when you consider that it's a two-in-one deal, the cost is easier to stomach. The attachable battery sleeve boosts battery life by over 100%. Plus, the gorgeous white leather makes it nice enough to pass for a stylish clutch.

Boostcase iPhone 6/6s Leather Boostcase, $149.95, available at boostcase.com.