The 20 Best Tweets From Oscar Night

Last night's Oscar-fest included a watchful eye on the flat screen, occasional bathroom and/or snack breaks, and a constant refresh on Twitter. Perhaps you've caught some of our own 140-character observations of the night's most memorable moments, and, of course, dresses, but we weren't the only ones talkin'.
From the snarky and snide to, well, J.Lo's hardly concealed nip, we were left amply entertained during moments when the Academy Awards were starting to fizzle. Check the 20 top tweets that not only begged for an RT, but were also #Oscar worthy.
Agreed. We missed you Chlo!
Apparently Tom and Lorenzo thought Missi Pyle's red carpet gown was too eco-friendly and not very eco-chic.
Well, on an up note, we did like Giuliana Rancic's dress.
Nothing an immediate commercial break can't fix, right?
Let's face it, bows only showed up either super-sized or in miniscule bling à la Michelle Williams. There's no room for average-sized bows at the Oscars.
Derek Blasberg says what everyone who went to Comic Con was thinking.
Thank you Angelina for introducing us to "the leg." And thank you Jim Rash know.
Don't get us wrong Liz Salander Rooney looked stunning!
We know The Artist folks are all Oscar winners, but don't you think Ellen could teach them a thing or two?
VH1 with the recap of the real competition that coincided with the awards show. kate-walsh
We're not sure if we should say "ouch" or "LOL."
We wouldn't even have been that surprised...
Yes, she went there.
Because even when their antics seem old, you're still left with side-splitting laughter.
It's (almost) like he won last night, right? vulture
Jokes aside, we kinda loved seeing Billy back last night.
It's true...but we still hope this doesn't become "a thing."
Em, don't listen. We love you and your bow.
The only twitter account that wasn't created last night was @BradleyCooper'sStache.

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