30 Beauty Buys With An Obsessive Following

We love buying products online, but it comes with one caveat: You can't test drive them. So, in order to figure out whether a lipstick or shampoo is worth its salt, you scour the web trying to find the one that's right for you. And, while there are a bevy of places to get information, the most reliable source for honest beauty reviews is one that many pros and experts never saw coming: anonymous Internet commenters.
And, why not? They're real-life people who are giving real-life information. Even we are guilty of snooping the customer reviews sections to do research on products we haven't yet tried. These communities are treasure troves of down-and-dirty reviews about which beauty products actually work and what's just a waste of money.
With that in mind, we got in touch with five of your favorite retailers and asked them to tell us what products have the best ratings and reviews on their site at this very second. That's right: We're presenting you with the holy grail of shopping. And, to help you see why these products are so beloved, we've included some of the most informative customer reviews of these buys, straight from the comments section of those pages.
So, go ahead, and listen to your peers. They know what they're talking about when it comes to primping.
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"This palette has 12 beautiful rose-toned eyeshadows great for everyday use or special occasions. It has great pigmentation and is very blend-able." - ErikaAlexandra.

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"Within two days of AM/PM use (serum and this lotion) the redness, irritation, discomfort, and flakes [on my body] are minimized. I was so impressed! " — LilySTL.

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"I have never had nail polish last as long as it does with this product. I painted my nails a bold red, using this as the base and topcoat, and six days later, I had no chips, despite washing dishes and cleaning a tub. Better than a professional manicure!" — Afoodiestaysfit.

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"Knot Today doesn't contain glycerin, yet is moisturizing. This is key for my hair during dry winter months. Not to mention, this is a really good detangler. " — Tinycurls.

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"I've tried others from time to time, but always come back to this. It works great, leaves my skin clean but not dry. Can't recommend highly enough!" — Jane.
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" They have a huge variety of colors. I can't tell you how INSANELY pigmented these are! They blend super smooth, and I don't have a problem with fading or creasing." — Shannyn C.
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" It changes the feel of any color and applies really easily. It dries pretty quickly, too! So, happy I have this topcoat in my collection now!" — Kelly O.

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"The Squalane Facial Oil is fairly unique in the sense that it really absorbs into the skin quite quickly, and it makes your skin feel silky smooth almost immediately. I've been using it for a week now, and I can definitely see a change in my skin's overall appearance." — Jacqueline H.

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" I have dry skin and have struggled with brushes being too rough and accentuating the dry skin. But, this brush has fixed it!" — Allison B.

Wayne Goss The Holiday Brush, $85, available at Beautylish.
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"I am in love all of the Indie Lee products that I've tried, but this one was definitely a favorite! I love the light scent of this, it's very subtle and earthy; not at all overwhelming. I love how you can pick up a hint of the Sandalwood! It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin soft, balanced and glowing. I would strongly recommend this!" — Kelley F.
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"This Divine Oil by Caudalie definitely lives up to its name — truly divine. Not only is it light and airy, but it smells terrific and can be used on skin and hair. I moisturize both my skin and hair with it — and use it on my 5-year-old daughter's hair as well." — Ani B.
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"It is my go-to base eyeshadow & highlighter and there really is nothing else like it! Just a subtle hint of sparkle and a pretty cream color that stays put all day. Love this product!" — SarahSunshine.

theBalm cosmetics Mary-Lou Manizer, $24, available at Birchbox.
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"This nail polish remover is the best. I almost wish I hadn't discovered it because it is impossible to go back to regular drugstore brand remover. It works twice as quick as the normal stuff and doesn't smell nearly as bad. There's no turning back." — cocopuff.

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"I've been using this product for months, and I love the effect it has on my hair. I have really long, coarse hair, and it makes my hair manageable, smooth, and shiny. I usually put it on while my hair is damp and add a little more after it's dry. I only need a small dab for it work so the bottle lasts a long time." — ebhenderson.
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"Honestly, I don't exfoliate as often as I should...but this product changed that. I couldn't believe how amazing my face felt after the first use. My skin can sometimes be sensitive to products like this, but I didn't have any problems at all." — Krosey.
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"This is the perfect shade for olive colored skin. I've used this for many many years...and have never thought of changing to another more expensive brand." — Nawshi.

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"Pure Grace makes me feel refreshed and calm. The scent is so nice. It is soft and creamy, yet rinses off well — without a sticky feel. I will buy it again in future as it is really good." — Psychewong.
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"This duo is wonderful. The nude color without sparkles is great on its own, but with the sparkles, it is incredibly beautiful. I keep catching myself admiring my nails! " — Gretch88.
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"The consistency is perfect. It isn't too harsh, but is just 'rough' enough that I feel like it is actually polishing my skin." — Addicted2Nordstrom4Ever.
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"I use this product for my hair even though it is not colored. I live in an arid state,and it works beautifully for my fine, dry hair...and the aroma is divine!" — oisette.
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"As far as I'm concerned, this is by far the best formula I have ever tried." — CLovesBeauty.
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"This is the best smelling body lotion I have ever used. It is non-greasy and ultra-moisturizing."
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"Not only is the color payoff outstanding, but it dried super quick with zero bubbles/streaks." — phoebe96.
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"I picked this product up on a whim at Sephora and figured why not try it out. I spritz some in my hair and just running my fingers through tames my frizz and makes my curls bouncier and shinier. No matter how much I spray in, my hair never feels or looks greasy or filled with product. I definitely see myself using this product for a long time to come!" — amy0721.
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"I've been using this product for 20 years. It always delivers." — fussymakeupgirl.
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"I could not be happier!!! Minerals without the itch, and I don't need to set it with anything." — Bettied.
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"I use this as my everyday body lotion, and it not only smells amazing, but moisturizes so well. I have really dry skin and one application is all I need all day. It isn't greasy and leaves no residue." — kaitlyn.

Whish Body Butter, $24, available at Ulta.
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"This is my third T3 flat iron, and this is the best flat iron on the planet. I even own a top of a line $400.00 flat iron from another company, and T3 beats that brand." — Dilly.

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"The polish is long lasting and easy to apply — two coats, topcoat and done." — TMD.

OPI Nordic Nail Collection, $9.50, available at Ulta.
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"After years (and YEARS) of trying to handle my mild adult breakouts, I received this cleanser from a beauty subscription service. My skin has never ever looked or felt better. I use this in combination with Bare Minerals Purely Nourishing Moisturizer, and that's all my routine requires." — Kasey.
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