15 Reasons Ellen Rules Daytime

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Ellen DeGeneres has been making television audiences laugh with her award-winning show, Ellen, for over a decade. That's nearly 2,000 episodes, folks. She's also managed to score a whopping 15 People's Choice Awards. Talk about a living legend. 

You don't get 12 seasons under your belt just by kicks and giggles; you need a formula and DeGeneres has it. Maybe it's her shameless approach to celebrity culture or just how darn relatable she seems, but DeGeneres is the undisputed ruler of daytime television. 

She turns 57 today and since we can't dance her birthday away with her, celebrating her ingenuity will just have to do. 

Happy birthday, Ellen. As your Finding Nemo character said, "Just keep swimming." It's working so, so well. 
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Ellen takes trending stories further by following up with the subjects to give a complete picture — like she did here with the twins who came out to their dad on YouTube. She also did it with #AlexFromTarget.
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She somehow manages to get celebrities to participate in some awkward — albeit hilarious — activities. Here's Jennifer Aniston testing out a vibrating bra. Let's see any of the late-night hosts get their guests to do that.
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Daytime television is typically a lighthearted affair, but Ellen doesn't shy away from the important topics.
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She's not afraid to scare the pants off of Taylor Swift.
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Actually, Ellen's not afraid to scare any famous person.
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Hell, even her coworkers aren't safe.
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She listens to her viewers. Like, really listens to 'em.
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Ellen brings the wild to your living room.
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She does things like talk to Rihanna's "her." Would Oprah do that? Nah.
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She embraces her show's "happy accidents."
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Ellen knows exactly what brings her guests the most joy!
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She spawns moments like this.
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Ellen also makes innocent, viral dreams come true.
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Remember the aspiring rapper from the last slide? This is her now. That's the power of Ellen.
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And, the dancing. Who can argue with that?
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