The 15 Best Sex Toys We Saw At AVN

69. That was the temperature in Las Vegas on January 21. It was certainly apropos, since it was the first day of the Adult Video News (AVN) Adult Entertainment Expo, billed as the world’s largest adult extravaganza.

The expo offers the chance to see how advanced gadgetry is being applied to sex (you'll see a lot of boobs, too). From digital condoms and hands-free masturbation tools to virtual sex and smartphone-controlled devices, technology is pushing the limits of stimulation in the wildest (and occasionally creepiest) ways imaginable. Send the children into the other room and check out our favorite high-tech toys from the show. We think they're going to change the way you play.
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Image: Courtesy of Fun Factory.
Amorino, $99.99

This is a rechargeable mini-vibrator with powerful intensity. Yes, we’ve seen this before, but not with a silicone band stretched across the tips. This “flexible stimulation band” enhances the effects of the classic vibrator, as it carries the toy’s vibrations to surrounding erogenous zones. With six rhythms and intensities, the Amorino makes it easy to shoot to new heights of pleasure (without shooting your eye out — we know, it looks dangerous).
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Image: Courtesy of OhMiBod.
OhMiBod blueMotion, $129

Date night just got a whole lot more interesting. Meet the blueMotion by OhMiBod. It’s a Bluetooth-enabled, wearable massager that you place inside your underwear. The sleek and slim vibrator is then controlled remotely through a smartphone app or via smartwatch connectivity, allowing your partner to control how pleasurable the night is through different vibration settings.

Good luck keeping a straight face while wearing this out in public.
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Image: Courtesy of Autoblow2.
Autoblow 2, $159

Hands are so 2014. Now guys have the Autoblow 2. Unlike other male masturbators (such as the venerable Fleshlight), which rely on manual stroking, this device plugs into an outlet and — once one of three speeds is selected — begins sliding beaded rings up and down the outside of the sleeve. The Autoblow 2 is “improving the realism of the male masturbation experience” — and bringing relief to tired hands everywhere.
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Electric Eel, $350

This aptly named reusable condom/sleeve utilizes electric impulses and conductive fabric, all to enhance sexual pleasure. The design team claims that this has been personally tested for effectiveness and safety, but our jury is still out.
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Image: Courtesy of Bubble Love.
Bubble Love

It’s been a long day. All you want to do is pour yourself a glass of wine, turn on some music, and take a hot, relaxing bubble bath. The folks at Bubble Love know that, which is why they are turning up the heat on bath time with a personal pleasure jet designed specifically for the tub. Bubble Love is the first submersible, hand-held jet that delivers millions of tiny, pulsating bubbles to stimulate and titillate. Plus, with its ergonomic design, it's easy to control the intensity of your massage. The handheld shower head has met its match.
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Image: Courtesy of Svakom.
Gaga, $177

Remember season one of Showtime’s Masters of Sex, in which Dr. Masters develops a vibrator with a built-in camera to be able to research what’s going on inside the vagina during an orgasm? Well, apparently, people want this for themselves. Introducing Gaga, the “GoPro of sex toys.” Yes, now you, too, can create Kubrick-esque cinematic masterpieces, capturing climactic contractions and the beauty of vaginal-canal lubrication.

But, this ain't the '50s anymore, so you can control the camera with your smartphone. Take that, Bill Masters.
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Image: Courtesy of Hot Octopus.
Pulse, $99

It looks like a helmet for his manhood, but this isn’t about protection. Introducing Pulse, the world’s first “guybrator,” which uses oscillations to get him off — hands-free. It’s designed to be used either solo or with a partner. But, here’s the incredible part: The man doesn’t even need to be sporting an erection! Through the vibrations, the gadget can make him climax even if he suffers from spinal injuries or other causes of erectile dysfunction.

Call it a vibrator. Call it a marital aid. Hell, call it a fertility treatment. Just don’t call it a helmet. It deserves better than that.
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Image: Courtesy of Revel Body.
Revel Body SOL, $139

Looks like a webcam; acts like a vibrator (and a pretty powerful one at that). The Revel Body SOL is a clitoral vibrator that uses sonic technology for some potent stimulation. It claims to be the only vibrator available that operates at the frequency of Om — the energy that connects and joins all things together — to promote sexual awakening. Could this be a new form of meditation? Look for our upcoming interview with the Dalai Lama to find out.
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Image: Courtesy of We-Vibe.
We-Vibe 4 Plus, $170

Play together — even when you’re apart. This is the tagline of the redesigned We-Vibe 4 Plus, a couples’ vibrator that can be used even when the participants are in different time zones. It fits snugly in the vagina (or, “tight in the hoo-ha,” as the booth exhibitor put it), stimulating the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. Featuring ten different vibrator modes, the ability to create and save custom vibration playlists, and a smartphone app that controls it all, this toy truly puts pleasure at your fingertips.
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Image: Courtesy of Lelo.
Lelo HULA Beads, $169

When it comes to premium sex toys, the LELO brand knows its stuff. This two-bead massager doubles as a personal Kegel-exercise trainer and a discreet G-spot stimulator. Either insert just the rotating bead to massage and excite the labia and clitoris, or take it further by sliding the beads fully inside, so the top bead rotates against the G-spot.

No matter how it’s used, customizable vibration patterns are achieved via wireless remote, which mirrors the vibration intensities of the beads. Looks like two can play at this game.
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Eros Gym, $1,299

Most of us make New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. The Eros Gym wants to help you do that. Well, kind of. It’s a home gym for hot and kinky play that promises 50 different options for sexual positions. It’s great for couples who are bored of the bed and looking to “stretch” their sexual possibilities.

Suffice to say, you’ll definitely be getting some type of workout with this.
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Image: Courtesy of Fleshlight.
The Launchpad, $29.95

We've always said that tablets are missing an attached Fleshlight. FINALLY, Apple has made one. Just kidding. Can you imagine?

But, for real — The Launchpad is an iPad case that secures a Fleshlight to the tablet, allowing the user to watch porn mere centimeters from the masturbatory act. We suspect POV porn use will spike thanks to this product, but one thing is for certain: Jacking off one-handed has never been more efficient…or more ridiculous-looking.
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Image: Courtesy of LovePalz.
LovePalz Twist, $79 for women, $89 for men

Hear us now: This toy and its associated social network is going to do to Facebook what Facebook did to MySpace.

Well, maybe not, but here’s how it works: First, purchase the LovePalz Twist, a vibrator designed specifically for online excitement. Next, join the LovePalz cyber pleasure platform community. Then, connect with others online who have the ability to remotely send commands to the vibrator. Getting off with a stranger hasn’t been this easy since Chat Roulette. And, we can practically guarantee it’ll be more popular than Google+.
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Image: Courtesy of Kiiro.
Kiiro, $149 for Pearl, $249 for Onyx

Kiiro Onyx and Pearl are his-and-hers toys. The Onyx, for guys, is a smart new masturbator that uses Fleshlight’s patented SuperSkin material combined with contracting rings that mimic the feeling of penetration. The Pearl, for ladies, is curved to provide G-spot stimulation.

Each partner controls the other’s device through Bluetooth connectivity. So, go ahead. Get crazy. Because nothing is sexier than not knowing what’s next.
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VR Tenga

The future has arrived. The future of male masturbation, at least. And, honestly, what frontier is more important than self-pleasure? What, we ask. WHAT?!

Adult-toy company Tenga and virtual reality leader Oculus VR have teamed up to bring you VR Tenga. The virtual reality headset immerses you in an erotic sex scene with a digital avatar, and the software interfaces with a robotic hand attached to a Fleshlight-esque masturbation sleeve. From there, the user provides input to control the grip and speed, and the avatar does his/her/its thing. Voilà! Robot handy.

What could possibly go wrong?