The 7 Best (& Buzziest) Hungover Brunch Spots In L.A.

Much like football on Sundays, brunching in L.A. is a serious weekend warrior's sport. After all, it's possibly the only time during the week when you get to catch up with friends and get a noontime buzz.
We must admit, though, we've been clinging to the same old spots like a bad habit, and it's becoming a full-on funk (the mimosas are starting to taste like stagnant water at this point!). To solve this cuisine conundrum, we went on a mission to find delicious new restos that are living up to their buzz. And to take any potential stress out of your long weekend, we've culled a genius list that includes a hidden gem in almost every 'hood. So, set a late alarm, and get ready to embark on a yummy Sunday funday adventure!
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With a nod to Catcher In The Rye right there in the name, we probably would've taken any reason to love this cozy spot tucked into the Thompson Hotel. But once we tried it, we couldn't get enough of its amazing fare for pretty much every meal. But we'll stick to brunch for now: The Brioche French Toast with Apple Compote will full-on melt in your mouth! And how about a Bourbon Milkshake to shake off that hangover? Hair of the dog, dear friends, hair of the dog!

Caulfield's, 9360 Wilshire Boulevard (near South Crescent Drive); 310-388-6860.

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The Churchill
This patio is the perfect spot for a long Sunday magazine-off, and lazing with friends and mimosas. You must try the Silver Dollar Chocolate Soufflé Pancakes — complete breakfast bonkers!

The Churchill, 8384 West 3rd Street (At South Orlando Avenue); 323-655-8384.

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Bäco Mercat
This may be one of the buzziest eateries in town right now as Josef Centeneo from The Lazy Ox is the captain of cuisine. His reco for the first meal of the day is breakfast "bäco," which includes egg, chorizo, and chiles. This one's so filling that you probably will be eating a late dinner (and wishing you could go back).

Bäco Mercat, 408 South Main Street (By Winston Street); 213-687-8808.

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Kitchen 24
Just to be straight with you, its name may sound like one, but Kitchen 24's no mom-and-pop joint. Boasting organic ingredients in dishes like a Mediterranean Tofu Scramble, and Hash Brown Salmon Florentine, this is some chic cuisine!

Kitchen 24, 1608 North Cahuenga Boulevard (At Selma Avenue); 323-465-2424.

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Milo and Olive
Nothing's worse than when the loud growls of your belly are screaming in the wee hours, and you've got nowhere to go! Well, Milo and Olive opens at 7 a.m., 7 days a week. From the owners of our other faves Rustic Canyon, and Huckleberry, this is real gourmand's grub. Also, they offer the longest list of bakery bites and breads we've seen in the city.

Milo and Olive, 2723 Wilshire Boulevard (By Harvard Street); 310-453-6776.

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Cook's County
The word on the street is that Cooks County is the place to be for fresh and sexy sundown eats, but it's possible you weren't aware that they have a killer brunch menu, too. Think braised short ribs hash, and a brioche tart with applewood-smoked bacon and gruyere. And we so won't judge you if you want to knock it all back with one of their amazing selections of beer!

Cook's County, 8009 Beverly Boulevard (By North Edinburgh Avenue); 323-653-8009.

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Mohawk Bend
Enjoy a lazy day here with the best of 'em. Seriously, this is one of the most picturesque patios in town, and we hole up on it many-a-Sunday! Our fave? Huevos Divorciados: Fried eggs, chilaquiles, red & green salsas, queso fresco, and crème fraiche. And if you like your Bloodies extra spicy like us, ask to up the ante to Hangar 1 Chipotle Vodka. (Pack your pepto!).

Mohawk Bend, 2141 West Sunset Boulevard (By Mohawk Street); 213-483-2337.

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