The Best Natural Hair Blogs You Should Be Reading

More and more textured-hair ladies are sharing their stories, tips, and tricks online — whether it's via blogs, YouTube videos, or Instagram. Although we've already put together a list of the best natural hair blogs, a ton more have been started recently, or just completely eluded our radar the first time around.

Since the movement isn't going anywhere anytime soon, we've rounded up a new batch of sites for those looking to embrace their coils. Maybe you want to browse some trendy protective styles to don this summer, need comic relief, or are seeking inspiration. Click through to see the list of blogs we've compiled, and let us know in the comments the sites you frequent daily. We're always looking for more reading material (and pretty pictures) to bookmark. 
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4C Hair Chick
Ranging from 2A (the looser pattern) to 4C (more tightly coiled), natural hair comes in a unique spectrum of curl types. Beauty blog 4C Hair Chick’s mission is to help “change the negative perceptions and connotations associated with type-4 hair,” which is typically considered the most difficult of the bunch.

The site acts as an open and safe space for ladies who identify with type-4 hair, and includes content from personal essays on what it’s like to be an actress with natural hair to writers’ personal hair journeys, as well as more service-y pieces, like products every transitioner needs to try. But, don’t be dissuaded if you don’t fall into the type-4 category — there’s a little something here for everyone.
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Under the umbrella of the social platform TextureMedia — which owns popular blog CurlyNikki and e-commerce site CurlMart — NaturallyCurly (also an R29 contributor, yay!) is a popular site that, if you’re natural, you've probably come across at one point or another.

Thinking of embracing your natural texture and have pressing questions? The site probably has the answers (or, you can ask your q's in the community Q&A section). Need a curly-friendly salon recommendation in your city? Head on over. It's basically a curly-hair mecca of information, providing readers with articles and products based on their particular hair types as well as an abundance of DIY recipes you never knew you needed. And, a frizz forecast that we're pretty much obsessed with.
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My Fro & I
Aisha is a young Tanzanian woman living in South Africa who is documenting her personal natural hair journey for all of the Interweb to see and read. On top of sharing hair tutorials and favorite product reccs, she also speaks about topics like whether natural hair is harder to manage than relaxed. She gleans experiences from her own hair trials and tribulations to share with her followers: And, doesn't the best advice come from someone who's gone through it already?
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K Is For Kinky
Serving up real-life beauty for women of color, K Is for Kinky is a hybrid fashion and beauty blog, alongside stories about music and love. With hair being founder Angel Jordan's main focus, the content is as informative as it is aesthetically appealing.

The interviews with big-time naturalistas like vlogger Whitney of Naptural85 and features of models with natural hair on the catwalk are reminiscent of popular beauty site Into the Gloss or, well, Refinery29. Dare we say, we might have some competition on our hands?
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Newly Natural
One of the blogs NaturallyCurly loves to follow, Newly Natural was started by KCurly (a pseudonym). The site offers everything you've always wanted to know about going or being natural. Between her posts about textured terminology and a slew of styles to try out, KCurly peppers in stories about her frustrations with Grey's Anatomy (same) and issues with weight loss.
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Tall N Curly
Cheyan Lefebvre, an illustrator who is — you guessed it — tall and curly, initially started her blog to tell personal stories about her height-and-hair woes. It wasn't until a couple of posts in that she realized she was speaking the gospel of so many women out there.

Her comics poke fun at the issues that plague ladies with hair that doesn't lay straight or, basically, do anything you ask it, in a way that's both relatable and downright hilarious. And, they serve as a reminder to live your best curly life and embrace the traits that make you stand out.
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