Channeling Our Favorite Fictional Heroines

Searching for the perfect film to unwind with during your next night on the couch? Well, you're in luck. Not only are we dishing on some of our favorite flicks, we're also celebrating the fashionable leading ladies of the classic features ahead.
We polled our on-staff cinephiles for 11 unforgettably chic movies that span the gamut from French New Wave and '80s John Hughes hits to deeply romantic films like Gone With The Wind and Love Story. The following movies boast immeasurable style and cement their heroines' status as total fashion icons (in our hearts, at least). And, what better way to show our appreciation than to pair each picture with a contemporary reincarnation of its most iconic ensemble? Movie night has never looked so good.
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Photo: Courtesy of Dreamworks.
Allison Daniels, staff writer
Penny Lane, Almost Famous

"This is one of my favorite movies of all time. The soundtrack, the writing, the acting are all award-worthy. But, Kate Hudson's Penny Lane MADE Almost Famous. She brought the movie's leading men together, made life on a bus seem glamorous, and turned groupies into band-aids. Fun fact: The role was written for a little-known actress named Sarah Polley, and Kate was cast in Zooey Deschanel's role as William Baker's sister, Anita. Polley dropped out, leaving Hudson to take the role (and a Golden Globe) for her trouble."
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Photo: Courtesy of Universal Studios.
Lexi Nisita, social media editor
Maxine, Being John Malkovich

“Catherine Keener obviously makes it that much better, but that all-white outfit is killer — even when she's hunched over awkwardly because of the bizarrely low ceiling. Her uber-'90s black dress with the straight neck and thigh slit is also a win.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Les Films Impéria.
Julia Finch, photo editor
Patricia Franchini, Breathless

"Everything Jean Seberg wears in this movie is timeless."
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Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Kate, The Other Woman

It's hard not to love a jilted wife who's ballsy enough to collude with her husband's mistress (make that mistresses) to get even — especially when she rocks this much pink while doing it. See Leslie Mann's fiercely resilient (and hilarious) Kate in the flick's trailer, and channel her style with these boldly feminine picks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.
Ellen Hoffman, editorial assistant
Sally Albright, When Harry Met Sally

“From the Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal dynamic, to Harry’s lay-it-all-out-on-the-line, New Year’s Eve speech, to Sally’s parade of late '80s/early '90s fashion, When Harry Met Sally is easily one of my favorite films. And, Sally’s menswear-inspired aesthetic is top-notch.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Focus Features.
Alison Ives, editorial production assistant
Suzy Bishop, Moonrise Kingdom

"Leave it to Wes Anderson to create a 12-year-old character I'd want to draw style inspiration from. Suzy's '60s style is undeniably feminine and classic, but the adventurous flair keeps it youthful and fresh."
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Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
Kelsey Miller, senior features writer
Jenny, Love Story

"Anything Ali MacGraw ever wore is unassailably cool, but her Love Story look as Jenny is the gold standard. I've spent my entire adult life looking for the red dress, the camel coat, and that sick nightgown she dies in."
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Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.
Susan Kaplow, executive vice president
Jackie Shawn, Shampoo

"She is the 20th century fox of all foxes in this film. There isn't a better look on the big screen than her in her backless, black sequin floor-length, long-sleeve dress, and there never will be.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.
Gina Volpe, content editor
Samantha Baker, Sixteen Candles

“I think Anthony Michael Hall's character said it best: ‘A girl in a hat is just so...vogue.’ She was the queen of awkward-cool.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.
Amelia Edelman, content editor
Watts, Some Kind of Wonderful

“Basically my motto in high school was ‘You break his heart, I break your face.’ Hopefully someday I'll play drums and rock red leather fingerless gloves, too.”
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Photo: Courtesy of New Line Cinemas.
Venus Wong, editorial intern
Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With The Wind

"She is the ultimate badass-female character: Determined, daring, and fierce. Not to mention she is absolutely stunning: Who else can rock a dress made out of curtains?"