Updated: This was originally posted on June 6, but we wanted to bring it back to remind you how delicious an end-of-summer mojito can be!
Sure, it doesn't have an official stamp or Wikipedia-backing, but it's common knowledge: The mojito is the drink of Miami. Not only is it our favorite warm-weather libation, but with its distinctive Cubano flavor and refreshing mint kiss, the muddled drink is a perfect representation of The Magic City—a combination of tastes, a hint of sweetness, and a nod to our Latin-infused heritage. Most importantly, it tastes friggin' awesome.
So, to make this the #summerofmojitos (we just made that up, but we're thinking it ought to stick), we've prepared a must-memorize map to the city's coolest mojito offerings. From blackberry infusions and mojito-tinis to classic mint/sugar/rum combos, we've got the 13 best concoctions to sample in four key Miami neighborhoods. Don't forget to bookmark this cheat-sheet—you don't need to wait 'til the end of the week to celebrate Summer Fridays.
Drink up! We've got all of the 305's best mojitos right here on one can't-miss map.
Let’s face it, sometimes the theater needs a little alcoholic, erm, enhancement, so grab a mojito next door to Actor’s Playhouse at Ortanique for zesty zing before curtain. ($12)
Ortanique, 278 Miracle Mile; 305-446-5695.
The Dome Restaurant and Caviar Bar
Nothing is classier than caviar — except maybe caviar with a mojito-tini at The Dome. They’re calling it a Mojito Martini: same familiar mojito, but served up, in the most executive way imaginable. ($12)
The Dome Restaurant and Caviar Bar, 271 Miracle Mile; 305- 648-4999.
Talavera Cocina Mexicana
It’s been said that cilantro is the most polarizing flavor – you either love it or it tastes like soap. If cilantro doesn't remind you of chewing on an Ivory bar, order up some pico de gallo, tacos, and a cilantro mojito, which favors the herb over traditional mint. ($12)
Talavera Cocina Mexicana, 2299 Ponce De Leon Boulevard; 305-444-2955.
Tarpon Bend
Mojito Madness Thursdays at Tarpon Bend not only has mojitos on tap for $3.50, but they make them fresh with watermelon, blackberry, grapefruit, pineapple, or cantaloupe. Your doctor will be proud you're get your daily doses of fruit and rum!
Tarpon Bend, 65 Miracle Mile; 305-444-3210.
Illustrated by Emily Kowzan
Sra. Martinez
At Sra. Martinez, they’ve got the ultimate brunch figured out: Huevos Benedicto, which means poached eggs and pork belly over Cuban bread, plus the drunch (drunk brunch, FYI) friendly Bubble Mojito, which is a mojito mixed with champagne. ($13)
Sra. Martinez, 4000 NE 2nd Avenue; 305-573-5474.
Sugarcane Raw Bar
Pun alert! Sometimes you can’t beat a classic, but often you can beet it. Order up Sugarcane’s Beet Mojito for a iron-laden (and richer) spin on a classic mojito. ($12 per glass, $45 for a pitcher)
Sugarcane Raw Bar, 3250 NE 1st Avenue; 786-369-0353.
Get your antioxidants in with Cafeina’s Pomegranate Mojito, a muddled mixture of Bacardi Superior, hand-squeezed lime juice, and fresh pomegranate puree with mint and sugar cane juice. ($12)
Cafeina, 297 Northwest 23rd Street; 305-438-0792.
Illustrated by Emily Kowzan
Ceviche 105
Peru, meet Miami. The Picojito is Ceviche 105’s take on the mojito: Pisco 100, fresh mint leaves, simple syrup, fresh lime juice, and soda water. Basically the cocktail equivalent of a dip in a Peruvian lagoon. ($10)
Ceviche 105, 105 N.E. 3rd Avenue; 305-577-3454
Area 31
A “Stackhouse Mojito” is mixed with aged rum, muddled orange, mint, sugar cane syrup, orange bitters, orange juice, and clement Creole shrub float (which sounds mysterious and citrus-y) plus a view of the whole city from the 16th floor of a Brickell skyscraper...could our happy hour get any happier? ($12)
Area 31, 16th floor at EPIC Hotel, 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way; 305-424-5234.
You can find a YouTube clip of the “Amazing Bathroom at Balans in Brickell,” but we keep coming back for the Pineapple Sage Mojito, a complex take on the Cuban classic. ($11.50)
Balans, 901 South Miami Ave; 305-534-9191.
Illustrated by Emily Kowzan
The Mondrian South Beach
Have a margarita at the Mondrian’s hotel bar and then head into Asia de Cuba for lobster boniato or Mexican donuts followed by round two: a triple berry or mango mojito. ($16)
The Mondrian South Beach, 1100 West Avenue; 305-514-1500.
Prime 112
The best treat alongside a meal at Prime 112 isn’t a top notch celeb spotting, but a fresh mojito from their mixologist. ($15)
Prime 112, 101 Ocean Drive; 305-532-8112
La Gloutonnerie
Get ready to indulge at La Gloutonnierie — we’re talking tartar and truffles of all varieties, escargot and strip steaks... washed down with some expertly crafted mojitos, of course. ($15)
La Gloutonnerie, 81 Washington Avenue; 305-503-3811
Illustrated by Emily Kowzan

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