These Wands Will Make Your Beauty Routine So Much Easier

If you want to condense your overflowing beauty bag to be more portable and TSA-friendly, wands are the way to go. Not only do they come in sleek, teeny tubes, but they also eliminate the need for extraneous application tools like brushes and sponges. Whether you want to slim down your bag or just streamline your stash in general, there are a bevy of vertically virtuous cosmetics in which to invest. Here, a roundup of those we deem especially wand-erful.
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Every mascara addict knows that while formula is important, it’s the wand that helps you achieve your most vital lash goal — be it length, volume, curl, or definition. Buxom Mascara Bar allows you to choose the wand that's right for you; then, you pair it with the classic Vanity Lash mascara. (We especially like the Lush & Lifted wand, which has volumizing bristles on one side and a lash comb on the other — for fullness with zero clumps.)
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Lip Gloss
While many glosses are housed in pots or squeeze-tubes, a sponge-tip applicator allows for precision — which is key when your gloss is of the darker variety. One to try? Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Berry Chic, a sassy, red-pink hybrid that won't dry out lips.
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Liquid Lipstick
If a major matte moment is your end goal, a gloss just won’t cut it. Hourglass’ Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick has a narrow wand that outlines lips as well as a lipliner. The color lasts for hours (and hours), is perfectly pigmented, and manages to yield zero shine — but magically, with zero flakes or feathering. This long-wear gem looks especially chic when you apply a bit of concealer around the lip line to sharpen the effect.
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Speaking of concealer, Flower Secret Service Cover Up Concealer packs vitamin E for an antioxidant boost while it camouflages everything from redness to undereye circles to blemishes. The easy-to-use wand keeps you from touching your face or contaminating the formula with your fingers — and allows you to cover a small mark easily without drawing more attention to it.
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Makeup Remover
Yes, we love to put a face on, but we also need to take it off. These oil-free makeup remover sticks from Almay help you clean up migrating liner, rogue mascara, and any other mishaps you could imagine, all while you’re on the go. Thanks to the smart wand delivery system (just snap and swipe), you can even fix a wayward cat-eye without starting from scratch.
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Cream Shadow
Ready for the easiest smoky eye ever? Giorgio Armani Eye Tints transition from liquid to powder on your eyelid and don't crease or smudge all day (even at the dreaded 5 p.m. hour). Use the wand to sweep shadow on your eyelids, then blend with your fingers if necessary, and you're done.
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The Giraffe Shaving Wand
At first glance, this product — which extends the length of your razor by 15 to 20 inches — seems like a crazy gimmick. But it's actually great for anyone who struggles to bend over in their teeny-tiny shower, plus for women who are pregnant or have back pain or arthritis. It accommodates most razors and even features a pivoting head for tricky areas like ankles and knees.
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Spatty Daddy Extend Your Beauty Tool
The plastic-tipped wand helps you dig out remaining remnants of your favorite product, so you don’t have to resort to cutting your tube in half. The wand fits inside even your tiniest bottles, so you can enjoy every last drop of foundation, eye cream, or serum.
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