16 Mascaras That Are Totally Worth The Splurge

Just like with fashion, we're huge fans of the art of high-low mixing when it comes to beauty. There's nothing more thrilling than pairing an under-$10 lipstick with a high-end perfume. And while we love our drugstore buys, we have to admit that we also love to treat ourselves to a luxe splurge from time to time.

One of our favorite products to spend the big bucks on? Mascara. For good reason: Some of our favorite formulas are well over $20. With these, you're looking at less flaking, more ingenious ingredients (like beeswax), and longer wear. So if you're up for spending a few extra bucks on a mascara (that we promise you'll fall in love with), click through. We've rounded up some of the top luxury mascaras on the market right now.