17 Ways To Get It-Girl Hair

Photo: Courtesy of Cherin Choi.
Most of us follow the same routine when we start to see our roots start coming in: We call our hair colorist for an appointment and book "the usual." Why mess with a good thing, right? Well, not always. We're here to tell you that there are a lot of cool new hair color techniques, styles, and looks out there for you to consider before sitting down in your colorist's chair, and a lot of them are coming out of L.A. (It makes sense: We have Hollywood, surfer culture, and perpetual highlight innovation.)

Luckily, staying up to date on the most inspiring new hair color trends is beyond easy: Just beef up your Insta roll call with a few key hair colorists. Then all you have to do is screenshot something you like, and it's right there in your phone for when you do sit down in your colorist's chair.

Ahead, we've rounded up 17 L.A. colorists to tempt you into trying something new, from lived-in highlights, to the brightest neon colors you can imagine, and everything in between.
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Photo: Courtesy of KC Carhart.
Colorist: KC Carhart
Instagram: @kccarhart

If you're into soft, "maybe she's born with it'" color, then Carhart is your girl Insta. To wit: Even this near-platinum concoction looks like it could be virgin hair. Follow her and your feed will be full of gentle highlights on every shade of hair under the sun.
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Photo: Courtesy of Shai Amiel.
Colorist: Shai Amiel
Instagram: @shaiamiel

Amiel isn't nicknamed "The Curl Doctor" without good reason. He's a pro at delivering highlights, lowlights, and even cuts that make his clients' ringlets look like they were coiffed in the salon daily. Follow him for looks that will inspire you to let your natural texture take center stage, and where highlights on curls are supposed to be placed!
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Photo: Courtesy of Morgan Parks.
Colorist: Morgan Parks
Instagram: @msmorganashley

This colorist knows her way around a bleach bowl, and luckily for us, she isn't afraid to show it off. Parks' feed will give you plenty of pictures to bring into your colorist to finally get the sun-kissed color you've been trying to articulate for years.
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Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Moon.
Colorist: Daniel Moon
Instagram: @majormoonn

What do Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner have in common? They trust Moon to make their colorful-hair daydreams a reality. From solid pink a la Richie, to pops of blue like Jenner, to this multifaceted example of hair art, a few minutes spent on his page and you're going to want a little color in your life.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cherin Choi.
Colorist: Cherin Choi
Instagram: @mizzchoi

For a healthy mix of natural-looking color and breathtaking bold hues, follow Choi. For every subtle look she creates — like the soft brown highlights here — she's got a vibrant red or soft pastel pink ready to post next.
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Photo: Courtesy of Brian Fisher.
Colorist: Brian Fisher
Instagram: @brianfisherhair

Fisher is a bi-costal colorist who finds inspiration from the most organic of places. For this look, for example, he called upon shades of wood — teak, mahogany, and cedar — to create the dimension. Luckily, you don't have to look to nature for your own hair, you can just look to his account.
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Photo: Courtesy of Johnny Ramirez.
Colorist: Johnny Ramirez
Instagram: @johnnyramirez1

Subtle, lived-in color is the name of the game over at the Ramirez|Tran salon, and Ramirez is one of the men who started it all. Follow him for enough beautiful blonde and bronde inspiration to finally jump on the L.A. hair bandwagon.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mateo Lara.
Colorist: Mateo Lara
Instagram: @mateoitis

From highlighter-esque neon hues, to bold, earthy shades of red and brown, add Lara to your feed if you want to be lured toward the colorful side.
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Photo: Courtesy of Denis De Souza.
Colorist: Denis De Souza
Instagram: @denisdesouza

An expert in making brown hair pop, De Souza is behind some of the best colors in L.A. Think: Jenna Dewan and Kate Mara. Luckily, he posts all of the inspiring shots on his account.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tauni Dawson.
Colorist: Tauni Dawson
Instagram: @tauni901

Dawson is a master at all shades of hair, and posts all the pics to her account, but it's her take on beach hair that will light up your eyes. Warning: Follow her and you will want sun-kissed locks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anja Burton.
Colorist: Anja Burton
Instagram: @anjabee

Looking to stay ahead of the trends? Burton does the hair of some of L.A.'s coolest residents, which means she'll be filling your feed with inspiring hair shots only minutes after they're created. (Bonus: Check out her blonde hair color advice here!)
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Photo: Courtesy of Riawna Capri.
Colorist: Riawna Capri
Instagram: @riawnacapri

Capri may be famous for the blonde she's created for Julianne Hough, but her brown is just as good. Bonus: Check out her braids, too. They will make you take up plaiting as a hobby.
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Photo: Courtesy of Chad Kenyon.
Colorist: Chad Kenyon
Instagram: @colorbychadkenyon

Kenyon is a master at soft highlights and even softer touches of unexpected colors (that he calls shimmering, FYI!). Follow him and you'll get color inspo daily, plus a BTS look at how balayage is really done in the salon.
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Photo: Courtesy of George Papanikolas.
Colorist: George Papanikolas
Instagram: @georgepapanikolas

Papanikolas' resume reads like an issue of Us Weekly: Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Diane Kruger, we could go on all day. And — you guessed it — he serves all the hair snaps up on his Insta, plus real girl hair that's just as beautiful.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mireya Camacho.
Colorist: Mireya Camacho
Instagram: @colormemimi

Camacho uses balayage to give her clients hair that is so full of dimension, you'll continue staring at her work long after you hit "like."
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Photo: Courtesy of Sarah Conner.
Colorist: Sarah Conner
Instagram: @oncolourground

Conner colors the hair of L.A. cool girls like Sophia Amoruso, plus a bevy of ladies with buttery blonde, warm brows, and rich black shades that you'll want even more than a Nasty Gal shopping spree.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nikki Rae.
Colorist: Nikki Rae
Instagram: @mamal0ca

A pop of color is Rae's specialty, from the electric red ombre here, to a slight tint of coral, all of which will make you want to trade your natural hue for a Crayola color, stat.
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