The Liquid Lipsticks Our Editors Actually Love

Months ago, if you offered me a liquid lipstick, I'd give it a hard pass. I've tried a few before, and saw little advantage to applying lipstick from a lip gloss-like tube versus a traditional bullet. But sometime between that time and today, I did a complete 180. Now, I wear liquid lipsticks almost exclusively.
So what happened? Part of this is due to the sheer fact that liquid lipsticks have popped up just about everywhere, from YouTube to Instagram to photo shoots on this very site. I also learned that their formulations have seriously improved, so I gave them another whirl and ended up loving the punch of opaque color, which I quickly realized you can only get from the liquid stuff.
After months of trying dozens of different liquid lippies, I've found a few favorites. All of the products ahead are beautiful, easy to apply, and don't leave my lips feeling parched or looking crusty. Check them out, ahead.