9 Insane Ice Cream Flavors To Try Now

Photo: Courtesy of Coolhaus.
Back in the day, 31 flavors seemed like a variety we'd never get through, and Rocky Road was our most rebellious order. Well, those were simpler times.
We're in a brave, new world of frozen treats and artisan ice cream has taken over. Ingredients like truffles, wasabi, and black sesame have replaced the chocolate chips and cookie dough chunks of yore. With our somewhat trepidatious, traditional palates, we taste-tested our way across L.A. to find the wackiest, most delicious, scoops in all the land. Ahead, sample-spoon anxiety meets its match.
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Photo: Courtesy of Pazzo Gelato.
Guinness Extra Stout With Mocha Chip Swirl, Pazzo Gelato
What does Guinness Extra Stout taste like as an ice cream flavor? Imagine having a frosty pint in one hand and a perfect chocolate chunk cookie in the other — like that.

Pazzo Gelato, click here for locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Rose Creamery.
Lemon Chamomile Ice Cream Dipped In Guittard Chocolate, Sweet Rose Creamery
Lemon, chamomile, and chocolate? This totable treat's as refreshing, soothing, and sweet as it sounds.

Sweet Rose Creamery, 225 26th Street #51 (near Georgina Avenue); 310-260-2663.
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Photo: Courtesy of Van Leeuwen.
Goat Cheese Wild Forest Berry Swirl, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Truck
If the combo of goat cheese and ice cream sounds weird to you (it did to us), think again. Reminiscent of our bagel-with-cream-cheese-and-jelly childhood favorite, this flavor is one of the truck's rotating specials. In other words, we consider it fate whenever it happens to be available.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, check Twitter for locations.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ice Cream Lab.
Blue Velvet, Ice Cream Lab
Okay, yes, blue velvet cupcakes taste pretty much like red velvet cupcakes in a different color. That said, it looks pretty crazy when blended into a scoop of Ice Cream Lab's buzzy, liquid nitrogen ice cream. Plus, the freshly baked blue cake isn't the only thing added to the organic vanilla ice cream — there's cream cheese frosting swirled in, too.

Ice Cream Lab, 9461 South Santa Monica Boulevard (near N. Beverly Drive); 310-795-6505.
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Photo: Courtesy of Scoops Westside.
Non-Dairy Brown Bread, Scoops Westside
By far its most popular flavor, the Brown Bread at Scoops Westside is as good as everyone says, and we have an idea why. It's crunchy, not too sweet, and will have you hooked at first lick.

Scoops Westside, 3400 Overland Avenue (at Woodbine Street); 323-405-7055.
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Photo: Courtesy of Quenelle.
Blueberry Pie, Quenelle (pictured here atop a scoop of Strawberry Shortcake ice cream)

Remember in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when Violet chews that gum with a morphing flavor that changes into delicious blueberry pie à la mode? Well, Quenelle's Blueberry Pie flavor will taste pretty much exactly like that — plus, it boasts chunks of homemade pie crust. We're pretty sure it won't turn you into a giant berry, so go for it.

Quenelle, 2214 West Magnolia Boulevard (Between Lincoln and Meyers streets); 818-843-1035.
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Photo: Courtesy of Coolhaus.
Whiskey Lucky Charms, Coolhaus
In theory, it seems strange to mix a strong spirit with a kiddie cereal. In reality, it's heaven on earth.

Coolhaus, 8588 West Washington Boulevard (At Cattaraugus Avenue); 310-424-5559.
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Photo: Courtesy of Neveux Artisan Creamery.
Honey Lavender, Neveux Artisan Creamery
The Honey Lavender flavor is a multi-sensory experience — like eating sweet, pure honey, surrounded by miles of wild lavender.

Neveux Artisan Creamery, 7407 Melrose Avenue (At N. Martel Avenue); 323-951-1002.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sweet Lucie's.
Pistachio With Honey Truffle Caramel, Sweet Lucie's
Sweet Lucie's vintage truck may look old school, but its ice cream tastes anything but outmoded. Take, for example, our personal favorite — pistachio ice cream drizzled with truffle honey caramel swirl. Sounds wild, tastes unbelievably decadent.

Sweet Lucie's, check Twitter for truck locations.