20+ Local Instagram Feeds To Follow Now!

As admitted Instagram junkies ourselves (see our feed here!), it's no surprise to us that the tech-savvy cult of Instagram is literally multiplying by the minute. The free, totally addictive iPhone app that allows folks to snap the vignettes of their lives, elevate them to new levels of cool thanks to artsy filters, and share them with their friends, is just a little over a year old, but has definitely tweaked the way we look at the world and communicate. Just getting on the Instagram band wagon? We’ll get you caught up in no time thanks to this list of the best of the best of local Instagram feeds. Chock-full of influencers, from those featured on these very pages of Refinery29 San Francisco (hello @onetrippass and @blaireadiebee!) to the S.F.-residing founders of the app (@mikeyk, @kevin), we’ve got a killer ready-to-add stream of visual inspiration that’ll make you love this town even more! And, if your fave Instagrammer was omitted, we’d love to hear about him or her in the comments below. We can already smell a Part II around the corner!
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Handle: @moneal
Who: Michael O'Neal, photographer
Stats: 503 Photos, 25,082 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/moneal
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Handle: @onetrippass
Who: Jay Carroll, Levi's Concept Designer, blogger at One Trip Pass
Stats: 110 Photos, 262 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/onetrippass
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Handle: @katiearmour
Who: Katie Armour, Editorial Director at Matchbook Magazine, blogger at The Neo-Traditionalist
Stats: 68 Photos, 564 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/katiearmour
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Handle: @ginaespo
Who: Gina Esposito, designer at Dockers, sometimes Refinery29 photographer
Stats: 687 Photos, 87 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/ginaespo
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Handle: @a_paynter
Who: Andrew Paynter, photographer, art director, videographer
Stats: 39 Photos, 16 Followers

Photo: Via Instagram/a_paynter
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Handle: @bigbigbigthings

Who: Rebecca Goldschmidt, blogger and shop owner at Big Things
Stats: 330 Photos, 70 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/bigbigbigthings
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Handle: @veronica
Who: Veronica Belmont, tech blogger extraordinaire
Stats: 498 Photos, 13,434 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/veronica
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Handle: @kevin
Who: Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram
Stats: 1,118 Photos, 77,374 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/kevin
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Handle: @mikeyk
Who: Mike Krieger, co-founder of Instagram
Stats: 1,246 Photos, 65,010 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/mikeyk
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Handle: @chris
Who: Chris Messina, Google staffer, inventor of the hashtag
Stats: 1,428 Photos, 53,460 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/chris
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Handle: @withstylegrace
Who: Lisa Thiele, gluten-free food expert and blogger at With Style & Grace
Stats: 473 Photos, 391 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/withstylegrace
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Handle: @citysage
Who: Anne Sage, Executive Editor of Rue Magazine, blogger at The City Sage
Stats: 228 Photos, 994 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/citysage
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Handle: @elizanguyen
Who: Eliza Nguyen of SoundTracking
Stats: 103 Photos, 5,082 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/elizanguyen
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Handle: @blaireadiebee
Who: Blair Eadie, blogger at Atlantic-Pacific, merchant at Old Navy
Stats: 165 Photos, 1,729 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/blaireadiebee
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Handle: @onekingslane
Who: The crew at One Kings Lane
Stats: 45 Photos, 282 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/onekingslane
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Handle: @superamit
Who: Amit Gupta, founder of Photojojo and Jelly
Stats: 190 Photos, 2,929 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/superamit
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Handle: @sfmoma
Who: The crew at SFMOMA
Stats: 64 Photos, 2,168 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/sfmoma

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Handle: _jenny_c
Who: Jenny Chung, owner of Acrimony and ACRE/SF
Stats: 306 Photos, 233 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/_jenny_c
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Handle: @docpop
Who: Doctor Popular, founder of Objective Scenes, manager at Postagram
Stats: 2,054 Photos, 18,074 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/docpop
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Handle: @glitterguide
Who: Taylor Sterling and the gals behind The Glitter Guide
Stats: 279 Photos, 2,827 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/glitterguide
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Handle: @benefitcosmetics
Who: The crew at Benefit Cosmetics
Stats: 67 Photos, 3,162 Followers

Photos: Via Instagram/benefitcosmetics