10 S.F. Spots For An Off The Wall #OOTD

Anyone who's been to S.F., hell, anyone who's seen a postcard of the city, knows that the perimeters are flanked with so many candy-colored buildings it puts Disneyland to shame. While we'd be here all day if we showed you every vivid backdrop possible, we cherry-picked some of the prettiest walls and murals that are prime real estate for that next #OOTD post, or any photo opp for that matter.
We trekked up to Bernal Hill, for a whimsical pink moment, and to a cutesy alley in Hayes Valley and everywhere in between. As part of our ongoing quest to capture the perfect S.F. selfie, we've tapped the city as our canvas and done the legwork for you. Now, all you need to do is throw on your favorite ensemble, snap away, and watch those little hearts trickle in.
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The Mondrian Garage
Blink and you'll miss this San Francisco gem situated along the Great Highway in the Outer Sunset. Someone has taken their appreciation for Piet Mondrian to new heights by bedecking their house in the classic pattern — and we applaud them. But, what does that mean for you? Instagram gold, of course. Pop by for a quick pose and become a digital art star in seconds.
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Time to get graphic.
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All in the details.
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The bright treats aren't the only thing to celebrate at this Hayes Valley staple. Its pale pink exterior makes enticing eye-candy, as well. Come for the sweets, stay for the stellar pics.
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Life is sweet...when you have this outfit and wall situation going for you.
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Try 50 shades of pink.
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Helipad Mural
Anyone who has taken a hike up to Bernal Hill in recent months may have spotted a new addition to the neighborhood. This bright-pink mural by Casey O'Connell features a lady poking a gold-toothed shark in the eye, and it's amazing. Just think of all the ensembles you could pair with this quirky backdrop.
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These Zara loafers almost look like sharks, too. Amazing sharks we want to wear every day.
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Chalkboard Garage
What is it with San Franciscans and their tricked-out garages? Whatever it is, this Bernal Heights backdrop has to be one of our favorites. The black-and-white chalkboard wall offers a chance for you to get creative with your background; just don't forget to BYOC.
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Brian Barneclo Mural
Filled with vintage-inspired interpretations of S.F., this vivid mural by Brian Barneclo is one of many around the 415. The hues and blocky creations are cool and complement any outfit that errs on the darker side — as seen on Michaela. Create a subtle city scene all around you.
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Like? Try love.
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Accessorizing has never looked this good.
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Ian Ross Mural
If you look around anywhere in S.F., you're bound to spot an Ian Ross creation, but we especially love his most recent piece located on the Mission's teensy Caledonia Street. The black-and-white graphic mural is not only eye-catching, but has a cool outdoorsy theme. It will be the perfect canvas to let your colorful outfit shine.
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Okay, can we take all our pictures in front of this?
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Ian Ross obviously killed it. But, can we chat about this top for a sec?
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Jesus Loves You Tiled Wall
This tiled wall on Valencia Street has been home to many a photo opp and we can see why. The pretty white tiles, adorned with the phrase "Jesus Loves You" and paired with a blue archway, provide a clean, streamlined background for your snapshot.
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We love these cuffs.
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Ghostbusters Mural
When there's something strange in your neighborhood — you snap a pic in front of it. We love this cartoony mural in SoMa for its subtle, playful vibe. Your followers likely will, too.
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Who you gonna call?
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Perfect backdrop for this ghost-haired beauty.
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Zio Ziegler Mural
Don't get us wrong, we love all the outlandishly colorful murals that pepper the Mission, but the simplicity of a black-and-white palette allows our sartorial choices to really shine. Like this Zio Ziegler beaut near the 24th Street BART station.
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Wild life 2.0.
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Layers on layers.
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Aileen Barr Tiled Bench
Need a stylish place to sit and snap? The Aileen Barr Tiled Bench in Outer Sunset covers both bases. The art piece, which is comprised of Heath Ceramics tiles, is a cool little escape in the heart of Lincoln Park.
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Prime for the boho selfie.
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Slit level: expert.