The 10 BEST Ice-Cream Sandwiches In The Bay!

Sure, curses and broomstick rides are nothing but hocus-pocus, but we know one standout way to go ’wich hunting. And, let’s just say what we found is pure magic! The Bay’s tip-top ice-cream sandwiches have us under their spells, and we tried each and every one to determine the best of the creamy confections, narrowing down the field to these 10 stunners.
From a peachy-keen creation at Prospect to a honey-coated crème-fraiche frozen delight at Miette, here are the most decadent sammies to start sinking those chompers into, stat! Find out wich are the absolute cream of the crop, right here! Mmmmmm.
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Classic Vanilla-Mouse Sandwich, $5, at Garden Creamery
It looks like our childhood days of chasing ice-cream trucks are back. But, instead of Icee Freezes, we’re lusting after Garden Creamery’s classic vanilla-mouse sammie. On the outside, you’ll find two wheels of oatmeal cookies, and light-as-air vanilla-bean semifreddo on the inside. For an extra dose of richness, GC dips half of the hands-on dessert into local organic Guittard chocolate that has a shell-like texture. The cream’s low-melting point and the cookie’s crumbly consistency make it easy on the chompers to bite down. It’s treats like this that make life oh-so sweet.
Garden Creamery, locations vary; check the website for details.
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Macaron Ice-Cream Sandwich, $4.95, at Cako Creamery
Fans of the classic Parisian cookie are going to want to say “Bonjour” to this sando! Cako Creamery bakes delicious oversized macaron cookies in a slew of flavors — hello, Thai iced tea and red velvet! But, we had our eye on the vanilla version with sprinkles, partnered with the birthday-cake ice cream, a combo that definitely blew out our candles! The marcarons are ultra thick, the ice cream ridiculously soft, and the result is nothing short of Mmmm-inducing. You can mix and match the macarons and creams any which way, even by selecting two different types of cookies, for the ultimate custom dessert. Expect bite-sized versions of the treat in the months to come, too.
Cako Creamery inside the Metreon, 135 Fourth Street (between Mission and Howard streets); 415-348-8885.
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Candy-Cap Mushroom Ice-Cream Sandwich, $8, at Americano
It’s not very often that we see “mushroom” listed on a dessert menu, but then again, Americano’s ice-cream sandwich is unlike any other. Executive chef Kory Stewart goes foraging around the Bay for candy-cap mushrooms that radiate the saccharine aroma of maple. He then finely blends the ’shrooms into an ice-cream mixture, and layers it between two cookies loaded with chunks of pecan and butterscotch. Treating yourself to this heaven-in-your-mouth sammie will be totally worth the sugar coma, promise!
Americano, 8 Mission Street (at Steuart Street); 415-278-3777.
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Sugar Cookie With Balsamic Strawberry Ice-Cream Sandwich, $4.50, at Bi-Rite Creamery
As if the line outside the door isn’t indication enough, Bi-Rite Creamery knows a thing or two when it comes to churning out lickin'-good ice cream. And, its cookies are just as top-notch! You can bypass the scoops-only queue outside for this pre-made balsamic ice-cream sando with crystallized-sugar cookies, which add an unbelievably sweet crunch to each bite. Sink your teeth into the sandwich, and experience the crumbly smooth dessert with twinges of sour balsamic and tart strawberry. Believe us when we say you won’t miss the cone or the long wait. Win, win!
Bi-Rite Creamery, 3692 18th Street (at Dolores Street); 415-626-5600.
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Chocolate Ice-Cream Sandwich, $8, at State Bird Provisions
For a restaurant that got its start by serving up juicy quail, State Bird Provisions can also make a mean batch of chocolate ice-cream sandwiches that have our taste buds flying to new heights. The chocolate cookie is a dense macaron made with almond paste that is sandwiched between velvety-smooth sabayon. Resting atop the sando is a syrupy apricot sauce that’s layered with earthy, shaved pistachio. Upon each bite, you’ll experience an abundance of texture, including a nice crunch from itty-bitty morsels of cocoa nibs. While this specific sandwich won’t last for long, another equally delicious version will take its place. We hear it’ll be the same chocolate cookie filled with mint sabayon and topped with berries. We are not worthy!
State Bird Provisions, 1529 Fillmore Street (between O’Farrell Street and Geary Boulevard); 415-795-1272.
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Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream Sandwich, $2.50, at Three Twins
Three Twin’s Vanilla Bean ice-cream sandwich proves it’s not always a bad thing to be described as “all fluff.” Seriously, the inside cream of this confection has a cloud-like texture that had our taste buds close to heaven. Not exactly what you’d expect from a treat that you’d find in your frozen-food section. The ice cream is squeezed on both ends with two super-soft chocolate-chip cookies for a sweet and simple sandwich that doesn’t need any other bells and whistles to satisfy. We see where the “twin” part comes into play, because it’s tough to have just one.
Available at Three Twins' online shop.
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Crème Fraiche Graham Cracker Ice-Cream Sandwich, $5, at Miette
Sure, Miette’s version of an ice-cream sandwich may appear simple and plain on the outside, but after taking a single bite, you’ll instantly know why it’s the cream of the crop! First off, it’s made with frothy crème fraiche that’s sweet and tart all at the same time, which can be substituted for strawberry ice cream during the summer. But what really makes this sammie stand out is the graham-cracker cookies! The crunchy scalloped crisps sprinkled with salt are bursting with honey flavor, which comes from a local bee farm. Naturally, we’re a-buzz with delight!
Miette, 449 Octavia Street (at Linden Street); 415-626-6221.
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Black Sesame Ice-Cream Sandwich, $6, available at Ramen Shop
Think Oakland’s Ramen Shop is nothing but noodle? Au contraire! Every good meal needs a happy ending, after all, and this sweet treat fits the bill, and then some. The ice-cream sandwich served here has a spongy, almost cake-like cookie made with brown butter and sugar. Inside, you’ll bite into black sesame ice cream that gives this confection a peanut butter-like taste that we go nuts for. The portion-size may not be giant, but the flavor is larger than life.
Ramen Shop, 5812 College Avenue (at Oak Grove Avenue), Oakland; 510-788-6370.
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Everything at Cream, $2 to $2.50, at Cream
It’s no wonder that the dessert chain Cream has mastered the ice-cream sandwich. With expertise in the matter, the company is slowly taking over the Bay Area, with a location in Berkeley, Palo Alto, and word on the street is Walnut Creek can expect a shop soon, too. No matter which you go to, however, you can expect over 20 different flavors of ice cream — from butter pecan to mint, with gluten-free and vegan options available, along with a gaggle of cookie choices. So, no matter your diet, looks like you can have your cake ice-cream sandwich and eat it, too! If you’re into biting into a solid sweet treat, be sure to request your cookies not be heated up. Otherwise, get ready for an ooey-gooey good time.
Cream, 2399 Telegraph Avenue (at Channing Way), Berkeley; 510-649-1000.
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Peach Ice-Cream Sandwich, $4.50 for 2 pieces or $9 for 4 pieces, at Prospect
You can forget all about peach cobbler, this decadent ice-cream sandwich is putting the fruit’s traditional dessert to major shame. Served in thick block-shaped pieces, the ice cream is tart with chunks of peach added in, and feels like a frozen yogurt. To balance all that, Prospect whips up ginger and molasses cookies on either side that add layers of flavor. To take things over the top, the sandwich is half-dunked in sweet white chocolate and then sprinkled with candied nuts for the final touch. Even though you’re at a fancy-pants resto, this seasonally sweet dessert is best eaten with your hands, so put that fork down and get a little messy — it’s worth it!
Prospect, 300 Spear Street (at Folsom Street); 415-247-7770.