The Hotel Amenity You Didn't Know You Needed

Sleeping in a bed that isn't your own rarely results in a good night's rest. Unless, of course, your hotel is one that prides itself on its ability to lull you into REM cycle mode on a bed furnished with luxury linen.

Unlike those places that seem to situate you right between the ice machine and the world's loudest honeymooners, the hotels ahead take sleep seriously. They've each taken measures to make your stay as restful as possible — think blackout curtains and milk and cookies at bedtime, soothing spa treatments and one-on-one sleep consultations. You can even choose the perfect pillow and mattress according to your preferences. And don't forget to brag to anyone who'll listen about that one time you had not one but two "sleep butlers," whose sole job was to improve your snoozing experience.

The ultimate sleep awaits. Just don't forget to pack your eye mask and favorite jammies.

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Photo: Courtesy of Six Senses Laamu.
Six Senses Laamu
Two words: Sleep ambassadors. Venture out to the Laamu Atoll in the Maldives, where the Six Senses Spas Yogic Sleep Program takes every possible measure to ensure you have a blissful slumber. Hosted by sleep ambassadors / butlers Piyada Phongphaet and Vinod Narayanan, the program involves yoga techniques, pranayama breathing exercises, guided meditation, and ayurvedic and holistic treatments.
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Photo: Courtesy of AKA.
Designed for long stays, AKA has joined forces with the New York University School of Medicine Sleep Disorders Center, and the Sleep Medicine Associates of New York City to create AKA Sleep School. Guests can upgrade their sleeping habits via consultations with sleep specialists, seminars, and rooms outfitted with blackout drapes, light boxes, and light-sensitive alarm clocks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Corinthia London.
Corinthia London
Catch some zzzzs thanks to handcrafted Hypnos mattresses layered with goose-down duvets and 300-thread-count cotton lines, plus soundproofed walls and blackout curtains. Alternatively, you can splurge on the Sleep Ritual, which includes sleep-enhancing, ultra-relaxing spa treatments, a turn-down service with milk and cookies, and a snooze in a sleep pod.
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Photo: Courtesy Hilton Chicago O'Hare.
Hilton Chicago O'Hare
Coming off a long, grueling flight? Seek comfort in this airport hotel, complete with blackout curtains, soundproof windows, and a quiet no-fly zone location. Bonus: Proximity to the airport means extra time for snoozing before the next leg of your journey.
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Photo: Courtesy of the Library Hotel Collection.
Library Hotel Collection
Need some TLC while you're away from home? Library's global hotels pamper guests with in-room humidifiers, eye masks, special pillows, and your choice of mattress topper. Guests can also request a SleepPhones System, which plays soothing sounds to nudge you into naptime.